Wesbridge Steelworks Wins CISC 2015 BC Steel Design Award - Engineering Division

New SUB - Student Union Building at UBC - University of British Columbia

Online PR News – 18-June-2015 – Delta, BC – The Canadian Institute of Steel Construction 2015 BC Steel Design Award (Engineering Division) was presented to Wesbridge Steelworks for their precision craftsmanship the New SUB - Student Union Building at UBC - University of British Columbia.

New Student Union Building (SUB) is located at the "Core of Campus" at the University of British Columbia (UBC), one of Canada's elite universities. The New SUB is a vibrant destination point and an interactive "Nest" for students from around the world to build a community. To achieve the architectural expression and synergize form with function, steel was the natural choice as one of the primary construction materials. The New SUB is a five-storey precision structure including a massive mechanical penthouse which showcases spectacular views of the campus and soaring steel trusses.

The world-class design commenced with an Integrated Design Process, which was a collaboration of students, stakeholders, architects and structural engineers. A hybrid of sustainable building materials was carefully selected to respect the legacy of the old SUB and to celebrate the conscience of future generations in the New SUB "Nest". To capture the collective visions of teams, only steel possessed the balance of strength, precision and flexibility to reach beyond boundaries and reinforce the UBC brand as "A Place of Mind".

To ensure that the technology-forward 250,000+-square-foot building remained the focal point and pulse of the campus community, several unique architectural elements were incorporated. The steel highlights of the multi-purpose student agora environment include the Great Hall, the actual Nest, and three stories of "floating" stairs with two stairwells. At completion, the new 45,000-strong student population home required a total investment of $103 million and will open its doors in early 2015.

“We are proud to be a vital partner for the Owner, AMS and UBC Properties Trust, the Architects, DIALOG and B&H Partners, Structural Engineers, RJC and the Construction Manager, Bird Construction. It is an honor to be able to supply and install the intricate and precision structural and miscellaneous steel work for this stunning Platinum Leed Certified building. The spectacular architectural features include the suspended Nest where a lounge and a cinema are housed, a floating stairway 120 feet span climbing 3 stories, and the Great Hall with 30 feet deep trusses spanning 120 feet and weighing 80 tons each.” ~ George Sze, President

About Wesbridge Steelworks Limited:
Established in 1964, Wesbridge Steelworks Ltd. will soon celebrate five decades of reaching beyond boundaries in structural, architectural and ornamental steel for institutional, commercial and industrial projects throughout British Columbia. The firm's award-winning core services include fabrication, detailing, erection, engineering, design and miscellaneous steel. The collective intelligence of all Wesbridge teams, the leveraging of technology-forward software systems and the development of precision-based solutions are key drivers for the firm's continuous growth and adaptability.

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