PCSupportRobo FREE Diagnostic Report Offer

PCSupportRobo has recently launch its free diagnostic report for the customers, along with new service added known as the firewall.

Online PR News – 18-June-2015 – Edison,New Jersey – A technology can run for years, but at one point it will need to undergo a diagnostic report so it can function smoothly. PCSupportRobo has recently launch a new free diagnosis and analysis, so that your systems and peripherals runs at ease. It is performed by a team of qualified technicians who will cater to all the technical issues your system has been facing on and off.

Some of the issues you know that your system needs a check-up:

Boot up issue
Freezing issue
Internet and networking issue
Device conflicts
Installation, errors, speed, and security issues

Services that PCSupportRobo offers:

With such issues, PCSupportRobo have come up with the new free diagnostic services which features technical guidance from basic to general troubleshoot, with custom support plans. They produce a complete, comprehensive profile information on all the hardware and software of your system. Furthermore, it provides information on system diagnostic such as details on running processes, start-up programs, active network, installed services, Windows updates, TCP/IP port usage, Internet connections and event log detail etc. This report is provided in a format that is easy to read.

Affordable Firewall Support Services Added Onsite:

A set of related programs that is located at a network gateway server which protect a private network's resources from outside network users is known as firewall. It examines each network, and determines to forward it or not to the destination. There can be many issues related to firewall. These issues include installing, configuration, settings, programs, slower than the link speed of their network interfaces, incoming traffic, data equivalence, etc.

For the smooth running of a business, it is important to have a good firewall setting, configuration since it can hamper in the middle of the work. The services offered by the team of certified technicians will give an ease to any problems that you face with your firewall. They are affordable and are one of the latest services added to the site, since many customers are undergoing this issue. Under this the team find the issue right from the root nod, diagnose and help you solve your issues within just 30 minutes time. We want to cater to the needs of the customers, and having added this services, we have been of great assistance to customers worldwide.

About PCSupportRobo:

PCSupportRobo is one of the leading and well known online tech support that has been in service for years to customers worldwide. The company offers a lot of services for any kind of technical issues, whether it’s a laptop, desktop for any kind of brand.