Rolling monthly contracts offered by Keypoint Communications

Keypoint is now offering its cheap business calls service as part of a fully integrated professional business communications suite.

Online PR News – 09-September-2010 – – The Keypoint business communications contract lasts for a rolling period of one month, with a 30 day notice term. That means any customer who decides that there are better offers to be had elsewhere, or who is unhappy with the service, can break with Keypoint in less than most calendar months. Imagine trying that on a BT business plan. Keypoint, whose cheap business calls tariff has made severe dents in the dictatorship of BT and friends, has based its whole business idea on reducing customer costs to a bare minimum, and relying on an honest and happy supplier – receiver relationship to keep its patrons, rather than tying them into unwieldy long term contracts.

Keypoint is now offering its cheap business calls service as part of a fully integrated professional business communications suite. The theory behind the company’s tariffs is still the same – pay for what you want, rather than buying what you get told you have to – but it’s been applied across the board to telephony systems that include call forwarding, professional voicemail and a whole host of other bells and whistles.

BT and others cheap business call packages are subject to all sorts of horrifying addenda, most notably the three minute minimum call they’ve been hitting all their customers with recently, Keypoint’s call forwarding, professional voicemail – all of Keypoint’s services, in fact – are available on the same, pay for what you use tariff. No matter what business communications services a company choose to buy through Keypoint, buying those services is all they are doing – there are no extra charges, no hidden costs and no situations where one is forced into a certain contract because that’s the only way one can have a particular piece of technology.

Cheap business calls from Keypoint are made possible because the company has chosen to route the bulk of its communications through state of the art communications software. Software only requires a computer and a phone line to work – so there are no heavy equipment costs driving up the price of calls, call forwarding or professional voicemail. Just one simple running cost and a lot of satisfied customers.

Play the numbers game on the benefits of switching to Keypoint’s business communications service and it becomes rapidly apparent that traditional business telephone system providers don’t stand a chance. Keypoint’s cheap business calls are between 67% and 75% cheaper than BT, depending on local or national calling rates; their mobile calls are 27% cheaper; and their line rental is 21% cheaper. In addition, Keypoint requires no minimum spend, no monthly fee and levies no connection fee on its calls. BT is guilty of all of the above, as are several comparable major providers.

Keypoint has added call forwarding, professional voicemail and a string of other benefits to its tariff, all paid for as individual bolt ons rather than forced into a costly pack, the days of its competitors look even more sharply numbered. One suspects, once UK companies come to the end of their latest interminable BT contract, that they’ll be looking to cut their costs as quickly as possible –a and Keypoint is where they’ll be turning.