Opportunity Expert Glenn Llopis Launches Earning Serendipity Facebook Application

Opportunity Expert Glenn Llopis Launches Facebook Application in Support of His Highly Anticipated Book, Earning Serendipity. Facebook Application to Help Users Determine if Their Friends Help or Hinder their Career and Productivity in the Workplace.

Online PR News – 27-March-2009 – – (Irvine, CA – March 27, 2009) In support of the highly anticipated book, Earning Serendipity: 4 Skills for Creating and Sustaining Good Fortune in Your Work, Glenn Llopis Group, today announced their initiative to utilize the advancements of social networking websites to launch its viral marketing campaign.

While Facebook is known for its dynamic user applications, the release of the ‘Earning Serendipity - Workplace Serendipity Quiz’ marks the arrival of one of the first applications directed at book messaging and will be used to stimulate viral marketing appeal and book pre-order activities.

The new Facebook Application Quiz is now available for users of the popular social networking site, 16 million strong and growing, to help analyze their propensity for good fortune in their careers, and what role their interpersonal relationships play in their success or failure. The (10) question “Workplace Serendipity Quiz” simply but effectively derives the users ‘Serendipity Quotient,’ or ‘SQ,’ which numerically scores the way that a person’s actions and environment predict their fortune.

This viral marketing tool will provide Facebook users with a guide about their career advancement probability (and the affects their friends have) in the workplace and the tools to keep good fortune on their side every day.

The timing for this application is perfect. According to Llopis, “With many people losing jobs and reinventing themselves to sustain employment, this application will prove valuable, timely and true. More than ever, people really need to evaluate whom they chose to associate themselves with. Earning Serendipity is about learning how to see, sow, grow and share opportunities.""Part of this process requires people to carefully determine who their friends are and / or those associates they plan on aligning themselves with in the workplace. As I mention in the book, there are (4) types: the leader, loafer, leeches and the lifters. Through this Facebook application, many discoveries will be made that are too important to be ignored.”

Author Glenn Llopis continues, “the ability to introduce and communicate the books powerful message with the growing and influential GEN - Y audience that seeks personal identity in the workplace is important.""My personal goal is to reach out and build a meaningful & sustainable relationship with GEN Y groups and Facebook allows us me to do this in a socially responsible manner.”

Llopis concludes, “It is our goal that Facebook users support the Workplace Serendipity Quiz as a socially responsible tool to stimulate entrepreneurial thinking and relationship building to form progressive workplace environments that promote the awareness of the new cutting-edge methods that GEN-Yer’s naturally deliver.”

The application can be accessed directly by users on Facebook.com. Additionally, the application can be accessed via the Earning Serendipity book website at www.earningserendipity.com.

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