1-800-GO-VAPOR.com Announces Effective, Economical and Safe Bed Bug Killer

Eliminates Bed Bugs The Natural Way—With Heat And Tap Water

Online PR News – 08-September-2010 – – Increased reports of bed bugs are sweeping the U.S. The tiny pests can hitchhike a ride anywhere—even to posh homes and famous office towers like the Manhattan office of Google. Bed bugs are most active at night and survive by feeding on people, children and pets while they are sleeping.

“The old saying ‘Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite’ isn’t so cute anymore,” says V.K. Dunlop of Chicago-based 1-800-GO-VAPOR.com. “People don’t know how to kill the blood-sucking vampires and are in a panic mode. With the cost of professional help running into thousands of dollars, some consumers are turning to dangerous, do-it-yourself eradication tactics.”

But because bed bugs have developed resistance to chemicals that are safe for home use, over-the-counter insecticides that can eliminate infestations are largely ineffective. In the past, some people used propoxur, a highly toxic chemical that works better than most against bed bugs. But the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency banned propoxur for home use because of the damage it can cause to the nervous system of children.

“Fortunately there’s a safe, fast, economical remedy that does not involve drenching your home in toxic chemicals,” say Dunlop. “It’s called a vapor steam cleaner.”

Traditionally used to ‘green’ clean homes and businesses without chemicals, professionals and consumers alike are discovering that vapor steam cleaners eliminate bed bugs from furniture, clothing and bedding on contact.

“Steam cleaners use heated vapor steam instead of chemicals to instantly kill bed bugs and the eggs they leave behind,” says Dunlop. “And because vapor particles are so small, they can reach cracks and crevices chemicals cannot.”

With a vapor steam cleaner like the affordable Vapamore MR 100 steamer or the hugely poplar Ladybug 2150 steam cleaner bed bugs have nowhere to hide and are a thing of the past. And because the natural combination of heat and water kills bed bugs right away, steam cleaners can be more economical than chemical alternatives that take several treatments—if they work at all.

“Steam cleaners are 100% natural and safe for your family and pets,” says Dunlop. “They’re the effective and economical way to eliminate bed bugs from your home or place of work.”

Located in Lake Forest, Illinois, 1-800-GO-VAPOR.com is a leading nationwide marketer of Ladybug steam cleaners. With customers in every state in the U.S. and seven foreign countries, 1-800-GO-VAPOR.com is moving fast to educate consumers and businesses everywhere that finally, there's a feasible, environmentally friendly alternative to chemicals. The company maintains an unblemished A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and manages its government and military buyers through SupplyCore. Corporate and institutional customers can purchase direct or spot buy through WW Grainger. For more information, call 1-800-468-2767. Twitter users can follow @1800GOVAPOR. 1-800-GO-VAPOR.com is a proud member of the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families coalition, a nationwide effort to protect families from toxic chemicals.

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