New C1C replaces Benzo Fury to kerb fake Capsules (Exclusive to Wide-Mouth-Frog)

New C1C research chemical is to replaces Benzo Fury pellets to kerb fake 6-APB capsules that are flooding the market

Online PR News – 08-September-2010 – – The fact that benzo fury has become a compromised product is common knowledge in the research chemicals industry. has moved away from promotion of this product as the stocks provided direct from the manufacturer of 6-apb totals only 500 pellets a week. Other sources have been made available but to our knowledge these are not trusted as there are only three locations able to produce 6-APB. Wide-mouth-frog's head buyer stated "The product that we buy is a solid pellet not a capsule". He added "capsules are considered to be fake Benzo fury". It is also worth noting that 6-apb powder is not available from the manufacturer as some websites claim. This is a direct quote from the manufacturer of Benzo fury.

After researching the situation of fake Benzo fury being sold on the market, the owners of one the factories gave Wide-mouth-frog an exclusive supply of the newest and latest research chemical yet to be release to other providers. This chemical called "c1c" was to replace Benzo fury in coming months, but instead due to the slow production process of 6-APB C1C has been released now to wide-mouth-frog ahead of schedule. When asked why they chose Wide-mouth-frog to supply their new product they answered "Wide-mouth-frog is a long standing distribution company with a reliable and trusted reputation. We would like our product to be supplied safely and without compromise. We cannot allow this product to be mis-sold or mis-treated before it gets to the consumer"

What is C1C?
C1C is a new plant feeder that helps rush the growth of your fruit plants. The effects of C1C have been described by horticulturalists who have accidentally inhaled the substance as the nearest thing to Cocaine without it actually being cocaine. Due to this effect the gardeners believe it will become a next best legal high product instead of just a plant feeder.
When asked to choose between Benzo fury and C1C, the majority ruled in favour of C1C.

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