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The best solution for homeowners losing their homes, if a loan modification program does not get approved, is to work a short sale and get the lender to approve taking less on the house than is owed, says Scott Colley, owner of Home Commandos, a real estate investor training portal that caters to anyone looking for cutting edge techniques for today's market.

Online PR News – 27-March-2009 – – The real estate industry is in shambles, and housing prices are dropping faster in most parts if the country than the government can throw money at the problem.

What is the solution for homeowners who are falling behind on payments on a house they can not afford, or in a payment they cannot tolerate any longer?

"The answer has arrived", says Scott Colley, a real estate investor and short sale expert.

Mr.Colley, the owner of home commandos, a world renowned real estate investor training review portal, discusses the benefits of a short sale for all the parties concerned: the bank, the homeowner, and the investor.

"A short sale takes the pressure off every entity tied to that house, especially in today's market with housing prices dropping like rocks, and banks overwhelmed with inventory they do not want or need."

He continues, "Let's also not forget the worn out homeowner who has probably watched their life savings evaporate by their home value drastically dropping, and their need to downsize immediately in order to survive the current economic downturn."

Mr Colley just shakes his head when he says that "the short sale process can be so overwhelming that most investors just don't want any part of the countless hours on hold with call centers in India, Panama, and the Philippines, although homeowners need investors like us now more than ever."

"Our course on how to work these short sales," Mr Colley continues, "is outlined extensively at My Short Sale Riches
training course.

"The only tragedy in this current economic meltdown is that more folks are not jumping into this much needed investing strategy, because homeowners need answers, banks need a 'plan B', and this is the only real estate investor training program providing real solutions."

"Short sales have been around forever, so don't be fooled into thinking that they are new or cutting edge, but today they are the most prevalent type of real estate investing needed".

Scott Colley goes on to say "We've just condensed the steps, processes, and forms for making a short sale easy, into one simple, auto pilot system that anyone can follow while they help homeowners, banks, and ultimately themselves."

The specific short sale riches training site is my short sale riches, which is available online 24/7/365.

Mr Colley says that "We have more business right now than we can handle, and more folks need to get into the short sale investing arena to help the USA out of this tragic time."
We need every investor or wanna be investor right now to help us with this short sale strategy.

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