High Position Search Engine Optimisation Specialists Chime In On Latest Social Media News

Leading SEO company High Position add Social Media Optimisation to its services, an important move highlighted by American law suit.

Online PR News – 08-September-2010 – – At High Position, search engine optimisation is just one of the services under the banner of this increasingly comprehensive internet marketing company, and their social media experts are always on the lookout for the latest news and stories to demonstrate the importance of this emerging marketing landscape.

An example of how social media can prove to be an important tool in spreading the word about almost anything arose this week when Ford were ordered to pay $131 million in damages by a jury in Laurel Missouri and thanks to journalist Adam Penenberg, Twitter was the only place the story broke.

The case was brought after a Ford Explorer rolled over and killed Brian Cole – a promising young baseball player. Penenberg was made aware of the verdict by the defence lawyer and was shocked to see that there was no major media coverage of the story, so he decided to break the news himself via Twitter, whilst also attempting to engage other journalists to report on what was clearly a major piece of news.

It’s this instant nature and access to a large audience that makes social media the ideal medium for communicating the latest news, either from your business or your life and this is why High Position are proud to offer social media optimisation alongside their award-winning search engine optimisation services.

Sebastian Cowie, one of High Position’s search engine optimisation and social media specialists had this to say: ‘This story really proves how social media is a vital element when it comes to spreading the word about almost anything and it’s the perfect way to illustrate how this can help your business and involve your customers by utilising social marketing’.

Where Penenberg learned how efficient social media can be when it comes to breaking the latest news – especially news that the rest of the media missed – High Position are always pleased to use it to help business owners reach more customers. If social media is the missing element in your internet marketing campaign, get in touch with the experts today.

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