Gaming Comparison site use Joomla and Morph

Bingo Hideout, one of the UK’s biggest gaming comparison sites has recently undergone a key website redevelopment. Its new approach has made the site not only more aesthetically pleasing but much easier to use and navigate.

Online PR News – 08-September-2010 – – The new site is constructed by Joomla Junkie and is a modern; standards based website developed using the Morph Template development framework. The operation brief largely consisted of tasks such as a custom design with a real emphasis on creating unique viewpoints for the sites landing pages. Joomla Junkie co founder and owner Andrew Neale took the role of lead developer for the new site. He explained that having Joomla and Morph as the key tools in the operation meant that no time was wasted in the development building a template, this in turn meant the teams developers ‘could concentrate on making the projects unique features as evident as possible’.

Andrew continues that ‘Joomla provided a post from which to add, build, and publish the sites content, components, and menus,’ and that they used Morph to ‘Build the template (themelet) from a custom design cutting off valuable build time’ The chosen process meant that the development was as quick and painless as possible, the fact that Morph has so many options built in to the software meant constructing and extending the website’s functionality was also very simple.

There was no build time spent working on code or HTML and no time spent on JavaScript as the majority of work was completed using CSS and modifications of in built Joomla Framework tools through a tool called Configurator. This time saving approach meant that more time was spent on perfecting the aesthetic and usability of the sites landing pages rather than the template and functionality. ‘Another great advantage is the lack of bugs or inconsistencies at the site’ commented Andrew, ‘Morph is a highly active framework that is utilised every day on sites all over the world. It has a great support network that means the build process is as consistent and simple as possible.’

Andrew continues to inform me that two years of hard work has gone into improving the Morph toolset; he now considers it to be the best in the business of Joomla template development. Tom Thorn, Technical Director at Solid Digital Marketing, the company that own Bingo Hideout is overjoyed with the success of the build. “This toolset is a great product; even with a limited knowledge of web development it makes a simple process of what can often be a difficult job. The feature possesses every single tool you might need to maximise the consumer’s experience at your site. At Bingo Hideout the team have enjoyed the development process so much that they cannot wait to take the product to market.’

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