Women Averse to Surgery Have New Options for Breast Enhancement

In lieu of surgery, there are compelling, all-natural alternatives that have been proven to jumpstart breast development.

Online PR News – 09-September-2010 – – Having small breasts is probably one of the more troubling thoughts that a woman can face. Despite what society says in public, women are often judged by their physical appearance, and nothing is more front and center in the evaluation of a woman's physical attributes than her breasts. Perhaps second only to her facial features, women's breasts have been the topic of constant conversation among men, and surprisingly among women as well. As much as they dismiss the notion that breast comparison is sexist and primitive, women know that to own a pair of perky breasts is to ensure a higher footing in our increasingly breast-aware society.

There is an unspoken norm, downright primitive as it may be, that to be the perfect woman, one must not only have a pretty face, but one must also have a good set of curves. As ancient as it may sound, the women that men notice most, the women that men salivate over, are those that have the best package, so to speak. The package in this sense has nothing to do with parcel, but rather has everything to do with four distinct, measurable yet subjective-tilting criteria. First, the head area. That face has to be attractive and complemented by smoking hot hair. Second, those breasts have got to scream "look at me!" Women with flat chests pretty much are at a disadvantage, relative to their bosom rich sisters. Third, the waist has got to impart a vision of sleek and sexy lines. Fourth, the booty has absolutely got to have the curves to complement the breasts and the slimness of the waist.

Woman are aware that their physical appearance imparts an impression on people they meet, and they take steps to ensure that the impression they leave is as positive as they can make it to be. They take note of what they wear, how they fix their hair, what makeup they put on and even how they walk. This ritual is part and parcel of interacting in society. We all want to look our best. To that end, many women go to great lengths to address their perceived physical shortcomings. For some, that means entertaining the thought of breast enhancement. When the topic of breast enhancement is broached, the first thing that comes to mind is surgery. Regretfully, for various reasons, surgery is not an option for many women. But with the advent of breast enhancement pills, women now have an alternative to going under the knife.

Scientists have proven that by stimulating estrogen receptors in the breast, there is a potential for those breasts to increase in size. All natural phytoestrogens are proving to be effective active ingredients in the quest for increased breast size, improved breast shape and firmness. Given the aforementioned discoveries, companies have now produced safe, all-natural breast improvement products, and these products are excellent alternatives to surgery. One such product is Breast Actives, which feature a unique formula that combines over thirteen unique herbs to help with the natural development and growth of a woman’s breasts.

"Women no longer have to choose between undersized breasts and silicone implants. With all-natural growth products such as Breast Actives, women may now approach the idea of breast improvement safely and discretely," notes Janet Oswel, a leading author on the subject of women's issues.

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