Wildlife rescue center Central America

Animal Neotropical has now opened a new wildlife and pet rescue center in the south of Costa Rica

Online PR News – 08-September-2010 – – Animal Neotropical (www.aneotropical.org), a non profit organisation for protection, investigation and documentation of animal-life and nature of Neotropical zone, has opened a new center for animal care and vet med assistance in the south of Costa Rica near the Panamanian boarder.

The new concept of the center is the protection of the environment and the free living animals around the working area. It is opened to wild animals and abandoned pets only..
They give animal care, nursing and vet med assistance to all interned animals.

The idea is to re-naturalize the animals after a short internment into its natural environment, if possible. The longtime patients are given a most natural environment possible.

All the center and its installations like living area, pet zone, wildlife zone etc. are integrated in the nature with an minim impact to the existing flora and fauna.

Volunteering and internships are possible, for more information contact with Animal Neotropical on the web o facebook.