Farm Toys Available Online Now for Christmas at Toys Etc.

Toys Etc. now offers a wide range of Bruder farm toys. This new stock includes replicas of farming equipment from top industrial suppliers like John Deere, Case, and Massey Ferguson.

Online PR News – 08-September-2010 – – MORAYFIELD, Queensland (September 2, 2010) - Humanity truly owes a debt of gratitude to hard-working farmers. Throughout history, farming communities have tilled the land to produce food and raw materials for people all over the world. Toys Etc. is proud to pay homage to this tradition by launching a new product category for farm toys. From a convenient online store, parents can buy Bruder farm toys that emulate the functions of agricultural equipment from popular manufacturers like Case, Massey Ferguson, and John Deere.

Since the industrial revolution, farmers have used innovative technological advancements to increase their yields. These impressive inventions have inspired the development of detailed and safe farm toys. With wondrous machines like John Deere tractors, field hands can maintain large volumes of crops in an efficient manner. For example, the John Deere combine harvester was designed to assist with the difficult task of harvesting grains. However, these complex machines also make for interesting kids' toys.

Among this wide selection of farm-themed playthings, Toys Etc. offers a toy combine harvester built to look just like the genuine article by John Deere. This sophisticated replica is made of high quality plastic and includes an incredible array of moving parts. Parents often choose to give these types of farm toys to their children to teach the importance of hard work. However, kids love farm toys as well. Rugged toy tractors mesmerize onlookers with their impressive capabilities. For example, the John Deere toy combine harvester includes a working grain tank with an interactive drain tube. With these types of mechanical features, farm toys enable kids to sharpen important skills like manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination.

For decades, collectors have proclaimed the historical significance of farm toys. Manufacturers began producing die-cast farm toys in the early 20th century. The earliest models were crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Over time, a desire for safety lead to the incorporation of high quality plastic parts into the designs of farm toys. However, the industry's penchant for realism continued as new models were developed. Miniature components were engineered to simulate the most complicated mechanisms of modern tractors.

Farm toys eventually became popular with a worldwide network of collectors. Some classic toy tractors have sold for significant sums on online auction websites. As a result, farm toys are a great value. Today's toy purchase might become tomorrow's high-priced collectible.

Toys Etc. carefully selected these farm toys from top manufacturers. For example, the online toy retailer carries a wide selection of products by Bruder Toys. Bruder is considered to be one of the most groundbreaking providers of farm toys.

Since the company's foundation in 1926, Bruder Toys has specialized in the provision of first-rate farm toys for boys and girls. With each product, Bruder introduces new possibilities for farm toys in general. Cutting-edge moving parts captivate children. Parents appreciate the rugged design and safe materials of Bruder's carefully-engineered farm toys.

Bruder and Toys Etc. are both family-owned companies. As a result, they understand the concerns of parents. Bruder manufactures these farm toys in a rural town in Germany. Sharp German engineering defines the company's compelling line of farm toys. However, Bruder works hard to ensure that these products are safe for children to use. Rigorous quality control tests are performed by independent analysts to make certain that these farm toys meet international safety standards.

Farm toys offer a wide range of developmental benefits for children. Role-playing sessions teach kids the significance of specific careers. Farm toys might inspire a child to take an interest in agriculture. Additionally, the manipulation of moving parts promotes the development of crucial mental and physical capabilities. The little hands of the youngest children gain in strength by playing with farm toys. For older kids, farm toys reinforce lessons in the many fields of science that relate to mechanical engineering and agriculture.

Toys Etc. is a family-operated online retailer that offers competitively-priced toys for loving parents and their children. In addition to farm toys, Toys Etc. provides a wide range of playthings to meet the diverse entertainment needs of modern families. Farm toys and other products can be purchased from the convenience of home with an easy-to-use and secure online ordering system.

Farm toys commemorate the proud tradition of the family farm. For decades, children and collectors alike have shown their appreciation for agriculture by purchasing these highly-detailed farm toys. Parents can use them to demonstrate the hard work involved in the provision of food and raw materials. Furthermore, farm toys exemplify the awesome power of modern technology.

With the launch of this compelling new collection of farm toys, Toys Etc. stands up for those tireless farmers that spend their lives working the land. Parents can find this range of farm toys online at

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