AIRMAKERS: Discounts for Air Conditioning San Diego

AIRMAKERS Heating and Air is a San Diego air conditioning contractor who continues to offer discounts, which makes them one of the most affordable contractors in the area.

Online PR News – 08-September-2010 – – For San Diego air conditioning installers, September is usually the second busiest month of the year, next to August. Regardless, AIRMAKERS Heating and Air is offering a one hundred dollar discount on all new installations of San Diego Air Conditioning units. The move is unique for this time of year as most San Diego Air conditioning installation specialists are too busy to offer any kind of incentive.

AIRMAKERS is busy as well, but their 15 years of experience gets them through installations quickly and efficiently. This allows them to handle the extra business without missing a step.

The discounts effectively make AIRMAKERS one of the least expensive San Diego air conditioning installers available. The fact of the matter is that AIRMAKERS doesn’t have to offer discounts because their prices are already low. They routinely outbid other San Diego air conditioning installation specialists for new work on residential units because they focus almost entirely on air conditioning and heating. Many other contractors like to add plumbing and other services, but AIRMAKERS believes this dilutes their effectiveness.

In addition to the local discounts, AIRMAKERS also provides discounts to military families as well. They know how much our military has given to this country and believe they deserve any break possible. With San Diego’s huge military population, AIRMAKERS expects many other San Diego air conditioning installers to follow their lead to provide as much support for the military as they can.

AIRMAKERS also knows that in the extreme heat, those that often suffer the most are the elderly. Therefore, they give significant discounts to them as well. AIRMAKERS is not sure if all San Diego air conditioning technicians give a senior discount. If not, senior citizens should call AIRMAKERS before they make any final decision on their installation.

AIRMAKERS has been around since 2004, but the owners, Van and Mayela Johnson, have been installing San Diego air conditioning units for over fifteen years and have gotten much of their work from large retailers such as Sears. Whenever homeowners call Sears for a new installation, it is often AIRMAKERS who gets the local assignment. Sears does not rely on just any sub-contractor to provide services to their customers. Sears trusts AIRMAKERS to do quality work at a reasonable price.

To find out more about San Diego Air conditioning:

AIRMAKERS Heating and Air
8656 Hillery Drive
San Diego, CA 92126
(858) 530-1822

AIRMAKERS has a satisfaction guarantee and stands by their work. Should you decide to contact AIRMAKERS, you will speak directly to a technician. They have no sales people - another reason they are one of the most sought after San Diego air conditioning installers around.

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