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Chanson Water is expanding its line of compact water ionizer products.

Online PR News – 10-September-2009 – – (PR WEB) September 10, 2009

Chanson Water is expanding our line of compact water ionizer products. Chanson Water ionizers hook up directly to your kitchen tap. When tap water is filtered and run through the machine, it is electrolyzed. This process called electrolysis makes the water molecule smaller and better able to penetrate your cells. The negative electrical charge also makes the water an anti-oxidant; this allows it to pull toxins from your body. This is very hydrating water that can help balance your bodies’ pH. Chanson Alkaline water also makes more oxygen available to the brain and your bodies’ cells. People who consume alkaline water often report being able to, “think” better, sleep better and have more energy, in addition to, the many health benefits that their body is deriving from consuming such a powerful anti-oxidant. A bi-product of the Chanson line is the “acidic” water, which is separated at the time of electrolysis, and can be used on the skin for many aliments, such as, eczema, psoriasis and acne. It can also replace toxic chemicals in the home since it kills bacteria when produced at the right strength.

Chanson dealers and customers now have access to the beautiful white faucet that accompanies the five- plate Angel under counter ionizer. This is the first quality, under- counter ionizer on the USA market, to retail for under $2,000. The five- plate counter top version is called the Violet.

Chanson also brought in to the United States the first quality budget priced counter- top, three- plate ionizer, named the Eden, which retails for $795. All Chanson alkaline water ionizers are the most compact of any ionizers on the market and take up to 60% less counter top or under counter space than other brands. For more information, visit http://healingwatermachines.com/