Amazing New Chemical Breakthroughs Lead To More Effective Sunscreen Products

More Women Now Buy Kinerase Sunscreen for Use Under makeup

Online PR News – 10-September-2009 – – It really wasn't all that many years back when the public in general was simply oblivious to the dangers that the suns rays presented. In fact, if there was any general opinion on the suns effect on the human body, it would have been that sitting in the sun for hours on end was a healthy past time. Back then it was basic tanning lotions that offered zero protection from the suns harmful rays that were used at the beach.

Well lo and behold, finally someone finally woke up to the fact that the sun gives off radiation in a broad spectrum both visible and invisible and that some of the rays that are hitting people lounging around pools and beaches are in fact not good at all. This in turn led to the development of topical skin skin care products that were formulated to block out certain discreet wavelengths of the suns radiation.

The problem all along however, was that the most effective of these topical sunscreen products contained substances that were difficult to conceal, with zinc oxide being one of the most obvious. Zinc oxide stops harmful UVA and UVB rays in their tracks but it's bright white. What was needed was truly effective sunscreens that were so inconspicuous that they could be worn all day under makeup.

One company that has invested heavily in research and development in this area is Kinerase and now both men and women can buy Kinerase sunscreen products such as their Kinerase Lotion with SPF 30. This is a unique product in a crowded field that stands apart in that it functions on several levels to treat and protect the skin of people who do spend time in the sun. Whats more, it uses a chemically engineered clear form of titanium dioxide as its core blocking agent.

However people who buy Kinerase Lotion With SPF 30 do it because it functions on other levels above and beyond just as a full spectrum UVA UVB sunblock. Kinatin that is contained in this and almost all other Kinerase skin treatment products is a proven skin therapy substance that you simply won't find in any other brand of products. It's a plant based growth factor that is found in most plant and animal DNA.

On a further note: Kinerase Lotion With SPF 30 is hypoallergenic, comedogenic and mildly formulated to be safe for use on problem skin, such as skin afflicted with acne or rosacea.

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