Clay Baths Are An Excellent Detoxification Solution

In ancient Arabia, for example, doctors were taught the methods of 'clay therapy.' In many of these cultures, most specifically the North American Indians, these clays were used for what they deemed to be body purification. It is for these reasons that detox Bentonite Clay baths are seeing resurgence in popularity today, according to the health experts of

Online PR News – 27-March-2009 – – Brandon,march 2009 - “There are several health benefits of clay bath. Clay baths tone up the skin by increasing circulation and soothes the nerves. It enhances the beauty and color complexion of the skin. Clay baths provide benefits beneficial for psoriasis and leucoderma. It is also useful in relieving rheumatic pain and pain in the joints.""The probable duration of treatment runs from half an hour to one hour. It absorbs the toxins from the body. The biggest benefit from any clay bath treatment results from its amazing ability to absorb toxins that are excreted through the pores of the skin,” says Holly R. Filer of

Speaking about the health benefits of Bentonite Clay, Holly R.Filer said, “Bentonite Clay is used by Russian nuclear engineers to protect them from radiation because it is such an efficient absorber. It was also placed upon the Chernobyl disaster site to help reduce the effects of radiation in the atmosphere.""Bentonite Clay has been used both internally and externally to detoxify the body, though it is most popularly today used externally in detox Bentonite Clay baths. Earth is one of the five elements (pancha mahabhutas) found in our body. The earth gives vital energy to the body, new life, new health, vigor and strength.""So, mud plays a prominent role in helping our bodies. Hence, mud packs and clay baths came into practice. The mud bath is also called a clay bath. The therapeutic benefits derived from the use of Bentonite Clay are very similar to those of hydrotherapy. In clay baths, the entire body (except head) of the patient is covered in mud of suitable consistency."

“Bentonite Clay of any color can be used provided it does not contain harmful material or chemicals. The mud is obtained and purified. It is applied all over the body. The patient is kept in the Bentonite Clay up to his neck.""The paste thus obtained as a smooth paste mixed with hot water and spread on a sheet which is wrapped around the body. And one or two blankets are then wrapped around the body” says Holly R. Filer.

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