Park Plaza Foot Specialists Offering Treatment for Almost all Foot Problems

The Park Plaza Foot Specialists, Houston is offering relief to patients by providing medical diagnoses and treatment for almost all foot pain and & ankle problems.

Online PR News – 10-September-2009 – – Houston, Texas, 10 September 2009 : The trusted foot pain and ankle problems treatment center, Park Plaza Foot Specialists, is becoming one of the most referred medical centers in Houston. Whether you have corns, warts, spurs, bunions, an infection, fracture or a foot injury, the foot specialists here will provide you relief from every foot and ankle problem. It is the treatment facilities offered by the center, which are making it popular amongst patients.

“We believe in providing the best in foot surgery Houston and other treatments to patients by using state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Our team of podiatrists is committed to restore function, improve the appearance of feet and get you relieved from the pain immediately. It is their years of experience and specialization in foot ailments that make them capable of providing relief from a number of foot and ankle ailments. Everyday, we get new patients because we have a treatment for every foot disease. Also, the kind of care and special attention paid to every patient distinguishes us from other medical centers in Houston,” said, Sherman Nagler, Head of the Center.

The Park Plaza Foot Specialist Houston center offers treatments for foot problems like Hammer Toes, Bunions, Neuromas and more. The highest level of care and expertise provided at the center also helps patients in a speedy recovery.

Various nationally recognized medical authorities and surgical innovators who have a reputation in Houston form a part of the podiatrist team of the center. They pay attention to the cosmetic details while carrying out surgical procedures for redefining the aesthetic expectations of patients.

About Park Plaza Foot Specialists

The Park Plaza Foot Specialists is known for providing relief from various foot and ankle ailments to various patients in Houston. The center has a team of podiatrists who has extensive experience and is well versed with using up-to-date surgical techniques.

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1200 Binz Street, Suite 1275
Houston, Texas 77004
Phone: 713-529-1010
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3750 Medical Park Dr. ste 200
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