Brazilian Butt Lift Video Shows Woman's First Visit To Her Eye-Popping Results

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Dennis Dass says, “Having ample, contoured buttocks is now a fashion statement. People are shifting their focus to the butt.”

Online PR News – 02-June-2015 – Beverly Hills, CA – “While celebrities are driving public awareness of buttock augmentation, especially the "Brazilian Butt Lift" many women from all walks of life are having their cheeks tweaked,” says Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Dennis Dass. “Most women who come to my practice are seeking to "go bigger" with fat transfer to the buttocks but also wish to achieve a look that is in proportion with their entire body.”

This video shows Jennifer's story as she consults with Dr. Dass to see how a Brazilian Butt Lift may add contours and projection using fat transfer to her buttocks while sculpting her waistline and abs. Next, Jennifer comments as she is about to undergo her butt lift. Finally, Jennifer & Dr. Dass show her beautiful results in a bikini, six weeks after her procedure. Click on this link for the video:

"Many patients save up for buttocks augmentation because it's something they have considered for a long time,"  says Dr. Dass. “One 21 year-old patient says she has wanted to have buttock augmentation ever since hitting puberty, when she developed curves, but they were all in the wrong directions. She says she had been thinking about butt augmentation long before the Kardashians and other celebrities started to put it “out there”, and the increased media exposure has encouraged her to finally have it done as the Brazilian Butt Lift has gone mainstream.”

“When properly done, a Brazilian Butt Lift using the patient’s own fat can provide more shapely buttocks and a small waist that compliments the overall proportions of a woman’s body.”

Rather than using implants the Brazilian Butt Lift is a fat transfer procedure in which unwanted fat is taken or “harvested” from areas of the body such as the abdomen or waist using liposuction, then injected into specific areas of the buttocks to add volume and pleasing contours. The procedure results in a more attractive shape which will improve a woman’s appearance whether she is wearing street clothes, a swimsuit or nothing at all.

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