Safely Preserve Memories And Publish Family Stories Online With Newly Launched

iBiographer is a newly launched website that allows users to record their own family history in a much richer and deeper way than a simple family tree.

Online PR News – 01-June-2015 – CRANBURY, NJ – Family historians have a new way to record and share their family histories that goes well beyond a simple genealogy site. iBiographer is a brand new, safe, secure resource that provides an opportunity to create a rich family history online and share it with far-flung family members. The online resource is a combination data repository, online journal, real-time networking, and content-sharing site.

An increasingly mobile society means family members could be spread across the entire world. This makes it challenging for families to retain the cultural history and knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation. iBiographer seeks to change that. The website makes it easy for anyone to create family stories online and store them in one private, safe place where any invited family member can read them. More than a family tree or a list of dates, iBiographer allows users to record and create their own family stories using photos, videos, music, and text and share them with others who can then add their own information. The result is a complex and rich family history that changes as the family grows.

"I was looking for a place to keep my family’s stories and pictures and share them with other family members. It turns out my friends and colleagues are looking for the same thing. We're at an age where we realize our parents and grandparents aren't going to be around forever, and we want to be sure their stories live on," explained Sofia Milner, founder of iBiographer (

Similar to an online family reunion and more private than typical social media platforms, members can interact and share data with one another. Regardless of location, family members can reminisce and share family stories that might otherwise be lost to posterity.

iBiographer allows users to:

• Record births, marriages, and deaths
• Share photos, videos, music, documents, and stories
• Create new stories, and record activities in an online format anyone in the family can see
• Collaborate and interact with other family members to add content and keep memories alive

No other website offers all of these services in one place.

"iBiographer is not just about dates of births, deaths, and marriages or where they lived. It's all that and more - what they were like, enjoyed, how they lived and what they did! It is a place to keep memories alive, not just record facts," noted Milner.

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About iBiographer: iBiographer is designed to preserve family histories, memories, and documents in one safe place to share with the whole family, safely and privately. Users can create a living family history, upload photos, documents, videos, and music or keep in contact through private forums and instant messaging.

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