Dr. Kyle Yoder Chiropractor fights nasty back pain for free

Dr. Kyle Yoder of Windsor, CA brings the "free clinic" concept from the medical to the Chiropractic profession.

Online PR News – 10-September-2009 – – September 10, 2009.Dr. Kyle Yoder, who already has a rather unique policy of treating cash patients on a "pay what you can afford basis , is opening a free clinic to treat patients trapped in these hard economic times.

It is a fact that 80% of us will experience back problems at some time. "Back pain is the most common cause of work related absenteeism." (National Institute of Disorders and Stroke.)

Free clinics have been in existence for medical patients for many years. Dr. Yoder hopes that this idea will begin to take hold in other professions. The clinic will start by appointment only and be regularly scheduled in response to demand.

To those uninitiated into the Chiropractic fold the number of symptoms and conditions that respond to this remarkably non-invasive health profession is impressive. Everything from headaches at the top to sciatic leg pain have been shown to respond to the simple release of pressure from the affected nerve roots.

Dr Yoder hopes that this idea of donating time to the Sonoma County community will catch on and become more of an accepted norm in the Chiropractic community as it has in the medical community. "Look to the Structure" has been an accepted axiom for diagnostics for generations. The structure of our society has changed and hopefully this idea will evoke a positive response in the local community. In these times it is good to have community outreach programs in all professions.