Pro Desks Announces Featured Mobile Computing Solutions

Pro Desks, a mobile computing solution provider located in North America, today proudly announces their May's featured mobile computing solutions.

Online PR News – 25-May-2015 – Grand Forks, BC – Mobile computing means something very different to what it once meant. The history of mobile computing originates from when computers were once very large and expensive pieces of equipment. As they became smaller and more cost effective to produce, the era of mobile computing began and this saw the arrival of the laptop and the ability to work in different locations using the same computer.

Today with the advent of cloud computing technologies most businesses have the ability to provide application access to their staff wherever they are in the world using a combination of software defined service delivery models and mobile computing technology.

Employees are able to work effectively for their company no matter where they are in the world whether it is from their home, from a hotel room or even whilst traveling on the road. This is a great advantage to the business because it increases productivity and means that the right person is always available to do the job. It is also great for employees because it means they are much more productive in the company and this gives them greater job security and satisfaction.

Even when employees are physically on the road, perhaps travelling between offices or to external meetings they can still keep the full functionality in terms of IT by using an in car laptop stand such as the ones provided by These stands can be mounted into any type of vehicle and provide a solid stand for the laptop to be mounted to using a docking station type connection. This allows the user to sit in the car and access their laptop as if they were sitting at their desk. Pro Desks vehicle laptop stands are made of high quality steel to withstand even the most extreme working environment. The vehicle laptop stands have desktop locking feature to securely lock the laptop and prevent it from falling to the floor. The locking feature also prevents any quick laptop theft while user is away from your vehicle. The four shocking pads on the desktop raise the laptop a few inches from the desktop, allowing air flow to cool the laptop.

Dominator, Enforcer II, Navigator, Mongoose, Rolla Desks are the five products on the list. For more product information, visit