Key West Dive Center Now Offering Dual-Wreck Dives for the Newest Key West Diving Site, the USS Vandenberg

The Key West Dive Center is now offering its customers the chance to go on a two-tank dive with both dives headed to the fascinating USS Vandenberg shipwreck site, allowing Key West scuba divers the chance to spend two full hours exploring the massive shipwreck

Online PR News – 15-September-2009 – – Since the recent sinking of the USS Vandenberg in May of 2009, the Key West Dive Center has seen a surge of Key West visitors looking to go on a Key West scuba diving trip to the fascinating USS Vandenberg shipwreck located seven miles off the coast of the island. This fall, in order to meet the high demands for USS Vandenberg Key West diving excursions, the Key West Dive Center will begin offering morning dives that take you on a two-tank dive of the Vandenberg.

Most morning Key West diving excursions take you to two different locations off the coast of Key West Florida: a shipwreck site (with the Vandenberg being the preferred destination in recent months) and a spot along the extensive Key West coral reef ecosystem. Now, several trips throughout the week will begin doing dual-shipwreck dives, allowing Key West scuba diving participants to explore the USS Vandenberg on two consecutive hour-long dives.

The USS Vandenberg off the coast of Key West is now one of the world’s largest shipwreck dive sites. Divers from all over the world have been flocking to Key West to experience this one-of-a-kind Key West scuba diving trip. Open Water and Advanced Open Water divers are welcome to go on the dive, though due to the depth of the ship, are required to head down with one of the Key West Dive Center’s dive instructors, unless the diver has logged in a deep dive of over 80 feet.

“The new dual-Vandenberg morning dives allow people to take their time exploring the massive ship,” says Key West diving instructor Jed Garcia. “This is the type of Key West diving trip that you can literally spend hours at if you could.”

The Key West Dive Center operates Key West scuba diving excursions every day, taking out an average of 20 divers per trip. They also welcome first-time scuba divers with their Dive-in-a-Day Resort Courses as well as people looking to simply go on a Key West snorkeling trip. Those wanting to do Key West snorkeling with their Key West scuba diving buddies are advised to go on the afternoon trips that go to shallower areas of the coral reef.

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