Cllients Can Now Shape Their Body With Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction is the surgery that is used to decrease the fat from your body. The liposuction will make your irregular shape body into a normal shape. The latest technology can remove the excess fat from your chin, neck, cheek, hips, breasts, abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, calves, knees and ankles. This process is not an alternative for exercising and dieting. Also it is not a regular way to reduce the weight, according to the professionals of

Online PR News – 26-March-2009 – – London, March 2009 - “The amount of fat removed from your body should be less than 5 kg. Removal of over fat from your body will results in pigmentation or bagginess, infection due to heat will often happen. Most often liposuction is performed on abdomen and thighs for women and for men they will do this process in cosmetic surgery.""According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic surgery liposuction was the most common plastic surgery procedure performed in 2006 with 403,684 patients, says Patrick Joleys of

“Various types of liposuction are there like dry liposuction, Wet liposuction, Super-wet liposuction, tumescent liposuction, Laser assisted liposuction. In the dry liposuctions they won’t inject fluids where in wet liposuction they will inject a small amount of fluid is injected to where the fat has been removed. ""Also this process is classified on the basis of the equipments used for this process. The various types are suction assisted liposuction, ultrasound liposuction, water assisted liposuction etc”.

Speaking on the move, Patrick Joleys said, “Liposuction surgery high vacuum attached to the cannula into the fleshy parts of the body. The fat cells are then sucked out through this cannula and are thrown out. This type of removing fat by using vacuum is used in the body parts like face, neck and arms. The other type is by means of ultrasonic sound which will melts the fat inside the body and these melted fat will be taken out of the body using cannula.""Nowadays people are turning into the laser liposuction where laser rays are used to remove the fat from the body. You should consult an expert surgeon before opting for the liposuction. Temporary problems like swelling, numbness, a burning sensation used to occur for those who have undergone through this. So it is wise to consult surgeons even after the surgery”.

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