Belly Button Piercing Online officially launched

After months of preparation the time has finally come, has finally been launched and is open for business.

Online PR News – 24-May-2015 – Netherlands – After months of preparation the time has finally come, Belly Button Piercing Online has finally been launched and is open for business. This new webshop that focuses solely on belly button piercings offers an enormous selection of bellybutton piercings of all shapes and sizes. With a website that has been designed solely for the purpose of making the search for the customer as easy as possible and a very easy and quick to work with customer service support makes the specialist on the field of online belly button piercings.

Belly button piercing expert focuses solely on belly button piercings and its accessories. Through the easy to work with menu you will find either the latest collection, the full overview or just the accessories. But with a selection of belly button piercings that goes well in the hundreds finding the right one can be quite the challenge. Thankfully has several tools to make the search easier.

Belly button piercing materials

Most of the bellybutton piercings at are made of 316L surgical steel. Steel is easy to work with, steel is quite durable and has a great price-value ratio. But there are many other materials that are very suited for belly button piercings. Knowing the pro's and con's of each material type is crucial if you want to make an informed decision. What why has a special blog page which includes all the information you need about these materials.

Filtering belly button piercings

To make the search for your ideal belly button piercing a little bit easier has several search filters. By using these filters you can reduce the selection to your preference based on material type, price, interchangeable bar and brand. Colour is not included in the search filters because that particular filter would become humongous. But no worries, if you desire a specific colour you just use the search bar at the top of each page.

Belly button piercing sized 8 through 12 mm

Standard belly button piercing bars are 10 mm in length. If you desire belly button piercings with a longer or shorter length you can use the search filters to filter out belly button piercings with an interchangeable bar. Then you can pick a loose bar from the accessories page with a length of 8, 11 or 12 mm to replace the original bar with. This makes that even if you deviate from the standard length you still have plenty of choice to choose from.

Learn all you need to know about belly button piercings places a blog every week about anything that is related to bellybutton piercings. These blogs discuss the properties of materials, how to handle the standard sizes, how to take care of your belly button piercings and much, much more. This because is convinced that knowledge is power and that an informed buyer will make better decisions.

Be smart and take a look at new website and start learning everything you need about bellybutton piercings.

Belly Button Piercing Online is a new online shop selling belly button piercings and related accessoires. For more info,please visit: