Senate Conference to Combat Acts of Terror and Human Rights Violations in Iran

Solutions to combat terrorism in the Middle East and the human rights problems in Iran.

Online PR News – 24-May-2015 – Paris – Solutions to combat terrorism in the Middle East and the human rights problems in Iran were at the heart of discussions at the French Senate in Paris on Tuesday May 6. “We have to recognize the desire of the Iranians to overthrow the Mullahs’ regime and to put an end to serious violations of human rights in Iran,” declared Maryam Rajavi, the President elect of the National Council of Resistance. She also stressed that it was a mistake to assume that the Iranian regime and the West were natural allies in confronting the ISIS. “Instead, the mullahs are engaged in a cleansing of the Sunnis all while seeking to expand their hegemony over Iraq and Syria,” she stated.
Other speakers supported her and firmly condemned the American and Western attempts to reconcile with Iran. “I don’t think that Iran can be Western ally in the region against the ISIS. The only thing that Iran can do is destabilize the Middle East,” said Senator Bernard Fournier, the member of the Parliamentary Assembly. The speakers also criticized theWestern tendency to focus too much on Iran’s nuclear problem and to forget multiple human rights violations, executions and imprisonment of the political opponents by the Iranian government.
According to the United Nations, the situation of the Human Rights in Iran continues to deteriorate and the number of capital punishments has continued to climb in the past years, despite the coming of the new president Hassan Rohani in 2013. At least 753 people (including 5 women and 13 minors) were executed by the Iranian authorities in 2014 alone, according the United Nations report. Among those executed, was Reyhaneh Jabbari, a 26 year-old woman who was accused for murdering her assailant while resisting rape. The speakers at the conference have also addressed the oppression of women in Iran, in particular, the 25 acid attacks in Isfahan in 2014 that left women disfigured.
“According to the Iranian Resistance’s 36-year experience, Tehran mullahs understand only the language of force and firmness,” declared Maryam Rajavi to close off the conference. “The time has come for major powers to stop appeasing and giving concessions to this bloodletting religious tyranny, the central banker of terrorism and the world’s top perpetrator of the death penalty. Instead, they should recognize the Iranian people's right for resistance and freedom.”