Calling All IVF Veterans To Provide Support To New Patients
05/24/2015 announces that they are organizing volunteers who have firsthand experience of the in vitro fertilization (IVF)

Online PR News – 24-May-2015 – New York – announces that they are organizing volunteers who have first hand experience of the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process to provide support and advice to new IVF patients. The overwhelming offer of support from current patients prompted to desire to link patient advocates with new IVF candidates. Now, prospective IVF patients will be able to touch base with IVF veterans on to discuss important issues and ask personal questions.

The patient advocate service will feature IVF veterans available to address a variety of topics concerning their familiarity with the IVF process. The service is not a forum for offering medical advice, which should come from a qualified physician. Rather, patient advocates will speak about aspects of their personal experience with IVF, such as how to save on the costs of expensive IVF prescription medications including Ganirelix, Gonal-f, Follistim, and Menopur, the importance of buying IVF drugs from a safe and reliable source, and how successful they were using the medications. believes that there is a great need to link future and current IVF patients. Those who have been through the process can provide helpful advice and emotional support in a way no one else can, not even a doctor. Their personal experience is a deep well of information and knowledge waiting to be tapped. is excited about tapping into this knowledge in the new patient advocate feature and looks forward to providing this helpful service to patients in the near future.