Google Buy Button Presents Big Challenge to E-commerce Firms

Google’s plans to attach a buy button to paid mobile search links makes branding and website user experience more important than ever for e-tailers.

Online PR News – 22-May-2015 – Downers Grove, IL – Reports indicate Google is preparing to launch a buy button to be associated with selected paid links in its mobile “Shop on Google” section. The button will take users to a dedicated Google Web page where they can complete a purchase for the advertiser’s product. This is likely to be the first step in a much broader initiative to challenge Amazon as a “one-stop-shop” for consumer products.

“Amazon has already taken the spotlight off retailers to an extent,” says Joe Cahill, Chief Strategy Officer for Straight North, a leading U.S. Internet marketing agency with concentration in responsive (mobile) Web design, SEO and PPC. “If Google succeeds in breaking the purchasing connection between consumers and retailers, retailers will gradually, or perhaps not so gradually, fade into the background and lose control over their merchandising and sales.”


Cahill thinks retailers with e-commerce websites can take preemptive action to stay tightly connected with their customers. “First and foremost, retailers must make their websites mobile friendly — not just going-through-the-motions mobile-friendly, but state-of-the-art mobile friendly. Google is not known for being particularly intuitive or easy-to-use, so a spectacularly mobile-friendly website can be a powerful competitive advantage for retailers.”

In addition to developing easy to use websites, retailers should also take steps to engage customers directly on its website, email marketing and social media properties, through contests, organic and paid marketing campaigns, consumer-direct promotions, customer loyalty programs and user-generated content such as product reviews.

“In marketing, a good offense is the best defense. Step up branding. Step up marketing. Build strong lines of two-way communication with customers,” suggests Cahill. “These things will give retailers the best of both worlds: the ability to participate in Google’s buy button program while not undermining their own brands in the process.”

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