Profifox Launches Deadline Busting App

Keeping track of and achieving deadlines within Continuous Improvement projects and problem solving.

Online PR News – 21-May-2015 – Kosice – Profifox, the new, multi-platform App is a revolutionary tool that enables you to bring together and organise all your project related tasks into one prioritised list. Its creators have brought the use of familiar, well established Action Plans to a new dimension by utilising mobile technology and real time synchronisation with a Master Plan organisational tool.

Crucially, this App does not require the user to learn new techniques in order to benefit from it. The clever design allows already established practices to be significantly enhanced to provide problem solving with a very current approach.

You are able to connect everyone involved in your project, including external contractors or suppliers, to your Action Plans. You are given choices on levels of involvement or accountability for each individual and the capability to update the tasks within your project from your phone, tablet, laptop or PC with complete security. Work you do for instance, on a mobile device whilst on a train journey, is automatically synchronised when you are once again connected to the system.

In creating this Action Plan you and other involved individuals are able to break down large projects into more easily managed actions and tasks. Everyone is constantly aware of the next responsibility and action required to achieve completion within deadlines. Users have reported growth in teamwork due to the transparency of tasks and progress. Additionally, they have seen a significant improvement in efficiency due to the Apps ability to organise tasks and prompt their systematic completion.

The creator of Profifox, Tomas Vojtek explains “My team and I have taken our experience of working in project management within the fast paced automotive industry and software development to create this unique, user friendly, task management tool.” He continues “Our focus has been both on the structure of the app to provide the very best in terms of time management and efficiency and on the security of the product. Users security has been our priority and we have integrated the highest levels of protection into our entire system, whilst creating an easy to use Login using trusted identity providers such as Google, Microsoft and Exchange.”

A basic version of PROFIFOX is free to download from where you can also experience a 30 day trial of Profifox with even more features, including easy transfer of data to Excel or PDF.