The Importance of Wearing The Right Watch

A Seiko chronograph alarm just adds more prominence to who you are; you don’t want to magnify your wrong sides.

Online PR News – 21-May-2015 – Singapore 349317 – You may wear sneakers with suits – it’s the in-trend – and it’s actually pretty simple with a few guidelines to follow. But watches? Things in this department go much deeper than just the style of the suit and through and beyond that stretch of skin under it. It’s no formal-suit-formal/dress watches concept; heck, the steel/gold Navyhawk AT looks as good with your Stressemann as with your business suit unless it’s a 3-piece pinstripe! Then too it’s not a straightaway Hamilton or Grand Seiko affair from there; with sneakers, the equation is not half as tough! Wearing a cotton, navy-blue suit with unstructured shoulders and knitted tie is almost a formula for a relaxed, casual feel; if you want that with watches, there stay high chances of oversimplifying things and making a laughing stock out of yourself.

With sneakers, the point is to have almost no break – if you still want – make that a little, contrasting, noticeable break. But a watch is all about creating a break and then merging it back to the rest of your outfit. So with pinstripes, while something like the Seiko Presage Automatic Power Reserve shall seamlessly fit in, the Seiko Premier Alarm Chronograph won’t. Suits need dressy watches, is it? It’s not that simple anymore; there’s no ultimate macho status symbol in the world of horologerie today. The way a male connects to his Orient sports watch is way more complicated. It’s beyond explanation and there stays a myriad theories; make up your own by following the basic guidelines:

I. Match the color of your strap to your shoes and your belt. Brown on brown, black on black.....

II. Do you sport a distinct style? Popster or minimalist, it should be consistent throughout but that doesn’t mean there can’t be little deviations. It’s the drastic ones to be avoided.

III. Buying a Bulova Watches online for the next 5 or 10 years? A plain black or white face with a leather strap or with a steel bracelet is your safest choice.

IV. Buying for the black-tie event? A slim, unadorned timepiece and a black leather band is the only way to go; it will keep time and shall not apear flashy.

V. Don’t wear the LED Digital type in formal situations; you are not living in the ‘70s.

VI. If your business suits are not exactly pinstripes, try to be the man of steel! Yes, leather straps are not the right thing if you go to a lot of client meets; opt for steel instead. And choose a dark-colored dial.

VII. Lastly, don't spend on a watch to make up for something else that you think you are lacking. The watch will only turn it worse! A Seiko chronograph alarm just adds more prominence to who you are; you don’t want to magnify your wrong sides.