PaypalMemberScript Announces Launch of Fourth Version (v4.0) of Membership Software With Features- Multiple Payment Plans and In-built IP Protection Script

PaypalMemberScript v4.0 is now equipped with more robust and useful features of Multiple Membership Levels and IP Protection to setup membership websites in 15 minutes or less.

Online PR News – 09-September-2009 – – PaypalMemberScript has released the fourth versoin (v4.0) of its membership software which helps webmasters to setup more secure and feature-rich membership websites in minutes.

Entrepreneurs and webmasters always wanted to give more than one payment plan to its members. Research has showed that giving 2 or more payment plans to purchase the same product, increases the conversion rate by 43%. Keeping it in focus, PaypalMemberScript has added a new feature in its v4.0 which allows webmasters to set upto 4 payment plans in their membership website.

For example, they can offer payment plans like - Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum etc. to the subscribing members. All of these payment plans can be independent of one another and all of them can include upto 2 trial periods.

Also, login piracy is a real threat to the profits and growth of membership websites. Many a incidence have been reported where some unscrupulous members have shared their login details on forums and thus unethically causing damage to the potential earning of the website.

To counter this threat – PaypalMemberScript v4.0 now has an in-built login-piracy prevention system. This system allows the Administrator to limit the number of logins from a member's account in a single day, as well as the maximum number of IP addresses from where a member can login in one day. It also shows a detailed report of all the IP addresses from where a member has logged in so far.

PaypalMemberScript facilitates setting up different types of membership websites, including:

- Free Membership Website
- Paid Membership Website
- Paid Membership Website with multiple payment plans
- Life-time access Membership Website, etc

PaypalMemberScript v4.0 is currently available at 30% discount with life-time technical support and free custom installation service. For more information about the features and prices, please email or visit website

Paypal Member Script ( offers the easiest way to create a membership website. Webmasters and entrepreneurs use its PHP script (software) to create their membership software website in 15 minutes or less.