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Resource Team Company is the home of all the builders and home owners. We provide all the main accessories and equipments required to make the house complete.

Online PR News – 21-May-2015 – Yaba/Lagos – Resource Team Co. [Builders World] is a variety store for Building and Construction Materials operating in Nigeria. We offer professional advice, personal support and significant cost savings on materials and fittings.
Indeed, building materials and supplies are not what you go to the grocery store to buy. And everyone doesn’t have the expertise to understand what to buy, and what to avoid; what will suit a building and what will not!
Your usual store owner doesn’t, at any rate. Unless he is a professional architect at least. Understand where we are headed with this? At Builders World, we won’t short change. Neither will we mislead you into buying what you shouldn’t. Or rather, what you don’t really need.
But how do you know we’re giving you the right advice? Why should you even trust us at all? We are businessmen after all, right? No, wrong! At Builders World, we leave the technicalities to the people who understand. The people who know everything there is to it! You can get all your building advice from our in-house architects.
Surf through the net all you want, no other store will offer you this benefit because indeed, our services are second to none. Imagine going to buy a computer and having a computer engineer, and not just any lousy technician, telling you what to do. Or how about having an electrical engineer over every time the toaster doesn’t work? Sounds too good to be true, right? But absolutely, it is.
At Resource Team Company, our customers are treated like kings. We pride ourselves in delivering the best to our numerous customers to ensure that they have a happy ending. We will pamper you. Every choice you make, you get it approved by our in house architects before clicking on “Buy”. No more trying to pull wool over your eyes. We let the professionals handle the matter where they are better suited.
Now, you might wonder whether this is something you really need. But no one’s forcing you to consult our in-house person. You can get an independent opinion if you want. You might even wonder, what is the catch here? There isn’t one. We simply want to make sure that you get the best deal possible. And there was something else we forgot to mention. It’s completely free. Yes, you get to consult our architect at no extra cost.
There are certain things about your building that only an architect can tell you. Say, for example, you never need more than 2400 square feet of space while building your family a new home. And the fact that laminated counter tops will probably go better than granite. An architect would also tell you that door and window trimmings don’t actually cost as much as you would have them. Or perhaps the building solutions you have are obsolete, our in-house architect will guide you through every step of your decision making process to ensure that you get the best that u deserve at all times.
So, we recommend you visit our website or call our hotline to place you order from our wide range of quality building materials and supplies now! Buy from us at discounted rates and then consult our in house architect to make optimum use of your purchases!
Welcome to the Builders World!