Two Teens Get Business Start in Texas with Their Very Own Resale Shop in Houston To Pay For College

Two Houston-area teens are now reaching success with their own resale clothing store in Houston whilst promoting their advocacies.

Online PR News – 21-May-2015 – HOUSTON – Two Houston-area teens are now reaching success with their own resale clothing store in Houston whilst promoting their advocacies for a cleaner environment and a better community. The resale shop they have built with the brand name Twice Lucky has an upcoming fashion show featuring the best fashion bloggers, models and stylists around Houston.

It was in 2014 when Antonio (19) and Meiko (17) came up with the idea of generating income to fund their own college education. Growing up in families with very fashionable women, they have grown to appreciate how to work things out and build a business on their own. Antonio conceptualized the entire business plan. On the other hand, Meiko handled the marketing aspect of their start-up business. Primarily, both teens agreed to venture into drop shipping through eBay. However, as both teenagers witness the potential of a bigger business opportunity, they have decided to create resale clothing shop they called Twice Lucky. Basically, Twice Lucky caters to buyers and sellers of preowned branded clothes and accessories.

Antonio and Meiko began their journey as young entrepreneurs with a lot of ideas and aspirations. They have built Twice Lucky with their corporate goals in mind concerning their love for Mother Nature and their vision to contribute tangible things to their community. Both teenagers envisioned themselves doing business with the heart for a cleaner world and a harmonious community. At Twice Lucky, they do not use plastic bags to pack the purchased items. They encourage their customers to make a donation of 5 cents instead to charity. The company is affiliated with a local charitable institution- STAR OF HOPE which is a Christ-centered community dedicated to meeting the needs of Houston’s homeless children, men and women. In addition to that, Twice Lucky is a proud advocate of animal rights. Thus, they are affiliated as well with a local animal shelter (insert name of charity) as beneficiary for all the donations made the customers.

Twice Lucky hosted several fashion trunk shows featuring local artists, models and stylists. They aim to be one of the most accessible organizations for aspirants to showcase their talents and capabilities in design and style for the fashion industry in Houston. The company promotes collaboration with these artists and fashion models towards their own road to success. In line with this, Twice Lucky will be having a fashion show on the 23rd of May 2015. This forthcoming event will include local talents. Several members of the fashion bloggers community in Houston will grace the show. Nisha Bradley and Elly Brown will style the models for the event using the clothes and accessories by Twice Lucky. Maria Diaz and Tye West will also attend the said fashion rendezvous. To top it all, Eric Ford, the famous editor for Houston Style Magazine will be in attendance for yet another spectacular display of style and fashion. That highly anticipated fashion show shall be hosted by Tiffany Gibson of the Style Radio.

Twice Lucky is one of the finest thrift stores around Houston. We take pride as the prime destination for name brand retail shopping. Whether you are on the look for top brands for women’s clothes, shoes, purses and handbags, we can offer brands like Coach, Christian Louboutin or Michael Kors as well as ready-to-wear brands from malls. The shop is a treasure trove for all those fashion forward women who can look fab and chick without hurting their pockets.

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