A Graduation Gift to Set-Up Your Grad for Future Financial Success

A thoughtful and rewarding gift, this will set your grad on a straight path to financial stability for the rest of their life.

Online PR News – 19-May-2015 – Omaha, NE – With their diploma in hand, your grad needs a gift that will provide them guidance in their future financial decisions, convey to them important investment lessons and give them the necessary push towards success in their future career endeavors.

Pirates of Financial Freedom by Joey Fehrman, is an easy to understand and exciting way to learn about finance. It will teach them over 100 pivotal lessons in finance including:
• Paying debts quickly
• Effortlessly saving for retirement
• Securing a higher credit score
• Investing in the stock market
• Budgeting effectively
• Prudent spending habits
• Buying a first home
• Achieving powerful money mindsets
• And much, much more

“The book, set in the present day, takes on core lessons in finance -- from credit cards to savings accounts -- in a way that's fresh and interesting. [It] gives you all the financial lessons many families would need to lay the foundation of a life time of smart money choices, and it is priced right.”
- Linsey Knerl, Consultant

Not only does it feature brilliant lessons in finance, it incorporates action, adventure, and romance with a riveting storyline to keep you reading till the end. This book is a necessity of any recent graduate to keep their feet on the ground financially.

Most college graduates today lack a basic understanding of financial management and planning. College students’ financial knowledge has been found to be a significant indicator of not only loan debt, but also overall well-being. New studies show a surprisingly high percentage of students who don’t feel as though they have a strong grasp on their financial situation.

Respondents of the 2015 Money Matters on Campus study found that students reported feeling less prepared to manage their money than any other aspect of college life. Financial preparedness increased with the addition of parental education, Financial Literacy, and with age. Financial literacy is of the utmost importance at this stage in their life. A thoughtful and rewarding gift, this will set your grad on a straight path to financial stability for the rest of their life.

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