EVSticker.com Partners with EVPerks.com, EVSafeCharge.com and ElectricCarPledge.com

Partnerships Offer More Ways To Support the Fast Growing (EV) Electric Vehicle Movement

Online PR News – 19-May-2015 – May 18, 2015 - HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. – EVSticker - the Electric Vehicle online sticker shop for EV Enthusiasts announced today three new relationships with EVPerks.com, EVSafeCharge.com, and ElectricCarPledge.com, all of which are encouraging the accelerated adoption of Electric Vehicles across the U.S.

"EVSticker continues to develop new designs and provide quality removable stickers for EV owners and fans” said Co-Founder Stuart M. Lawson. "We are excited to work together and encourage our new partners, together we can help accelerate the use of Electric Vehicles."

EVPerks.com is a coupons, deals, and discounts hub for EV Owners. Visitors can find offers and PlugShare listed charging station information from local businesses that either installed an EV Charging Station, or are offering an exclusive perk just for EV Owners. Many businesses like hotels and restaurants with EV stations also offer free charging for their customers. Organizations who register with the website must supply an enticing “Perk” for EV Owners, giving just another good reason for drivers to make the switch to Electric. EVSticker is among a growing list of businesses who have registered with the site to provide a discount.

EVSafeCharge.com’s goal is to help install home or office EV Chargers easily and quickly. The company strongly supports promoting EV initiatives but also does something very special with each new EV Charger installation: they plant a tree. EVSafeCharge has helped EVSticker with several new sticker designs and the companies have agreed to provide them for sale to EV Owners visiting EVSticker.com in a section on the storefront.

ElectricCarPledge.com is a place for drivers everywhere to take a pledge that they support the EV movement. The website is a large resource for those interested in learning more about the benefits of Electric Vehicles, including comments from people who drive an EV or are thinking about buying one.

EVSticker would like to talk with organizations that are accelerating the adoption of Electric Vehicles. Contact Stuart Lawson at contact@evsticker.com or visit the Partners section of EVSticker.com

About EVSafeCharge

EV Safe Charge is a new and unique concept in offering buyers of electric cars a simple, easy and guaranteed way to safely install a reliable high-voltage electrical charging capability in their home or commercial space. EV Safe Charge is able to install charging units in all parts of the US and Canada. The company enjoys relationships with some of the industry’s leading manufacturers including ClipperCreek and more, plants a tree for each charger they install and offers complimentary membership to clients in it’s EV Owners Motoring Club which produces fun and interesting events for EV enthusiasts. For more company information visit: http://www.EVSafeCharge.com.

About EVSticker

On the historic day the Tesla Gigafactory was announced, EVSticker.com excitedly launched their small online Sticker Shop for EV Owners and Fans - The goal of EVSticker is to help accelerate the adoption of 100% electric vehicles with fun and funny removable bumper stickers. The new stickers are not typical vinyl- they are a special material composite called AnyCling™ (AnyCling.com), making them severe weather protected (sun/rain/ice/snow) as well as completely, 100% removable! EVSticker has now sent out hundreds of stickers across the USA and are looking forward to sending many more! Visit: http://www.EVSticker.com for details, read the blog, and follow EVSticker on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.