Announces To Develop Training Capacity In Memory Care In Colorado Springs

The firm has specialized in developing linkages with the geriatric care service providers and makes available the experienced.

Online PR News – 19-May-2015 – Austin, Texas – [19 may, 2015] : We start our life as a child and take on the youth courses with glares and glam to live the zenith and then there is a plateau that leaves us at a point which leads us to our old age. Old age is often recognized as a downhill task that is to be treated with care and of course the loving assistance of the family people whom the person has groomed in his or her life is cherished. Though it may not be wise to call old age as the dull side of the life, but ‘care’ does forms the intrinsic requisite! The troublesome fact of the emerging society is that most of the old people are finding themselves alone as the families have nucleated mainly on account of the livelihood purposes. So how and where does the old find care?

The old age homes are one choice but these detach the seeker from his place of dreams. Geriatric assistance at home place has emerged as the desirable choice. is among the trusted old age care placement agencies in California, US. To know more about the agency and its services, visit their interactive online portal at . is among the few agencies that are oriented towards the objective of securing trusted care for the old age persons who seek assistances of general types. The firm has specialized in developing linkages with the geriatric care service providers and makes available the experienced and caring individuals to offer the best and desirable care for the seeking old persons in their home place. Having established itself among the best placement agencies dealing in senior care in Austin Texas, the demand for its services has been felt now throughout US. The expertise of this firm is its ability to offer the trusted individuals who are otherwise certified in general geriatric care by the noted institutions of US.

The official spokesperson of elaborated upon, the services potential of his firm along the sidelines of a geriatric care convention hosted by a prominent California healthcare institute in San Diego, US. The spokesperson stated that, “ has dedicated its services towards securing the best and customized senior care for older persons at their home place. We make available the best and compassionate persons either as full time or on a fixed hourly basis.

The distinction at our credit is that we have made the selection and screening of the care givers very objective so that only the best persons are made available to the seekers. We will continue with our passionate efforts to arrange the best of the care givers!” has been operating with a trustworthy tag for its services. The methods of selecting the caregivers are simply the best as they have a whole professional panel that looks into the objective screening process. There are geriatric care med specialists, old age counselors, an ethics’ psychology expert who remain anonymous during the interview and some more specialists at the screening panel. This makes them the best.

The spokesperson also stated, “ has decided to engage geriatric care Neuro-Specialists to screen out a vital batch of paramedic caregivers who will be trained in memory care in Colorado Springs, US. These well trained individuals will be offered to older persons who are prescribed special assistance and are undergoing treatments like that for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer.” has been helping innumerable old persons with their choice of home based care giving. To know more about the agency and its whole range of services, visit the interactive online portal at