Navneet Gems & Mineral Reached A Milestone 1000 Clients Marks

Navneet Gems & Minerals, a worldwide wholesale supplier of precious jewelry and semi-precious stones Reached a Remarkable 1000 Clients Mark from their online

Online PR News – 19-May-2015 – Bangkok, – Thailand, May 17, 2015: -Navneet Gems & Minerals, a worldwide wholesale supplier of precious jewelry and semi-precious stones Reached a Remarkable 1000 Clients Mark from their online store setup. The company’s client list includes wholesale, retail, users and jewelers, and providing a completely new range of precious and semi-precious stones at wholesale rates. Navneet Gems & Minerals is popularly known as a reliable wholesale supplier of gemstones, including Garnet, Aquamarine, Diamonds, Pink Sapphire, Topaz, Citrine, Amethyst, and many more for years. The company has its gem cutting factories in Thailand and India and caters to all types of gemstones wholesale needs of clients and customers across the globe. The company has 7 sales staff in Bangkok, 3 in India and 5 all around the world who keep travelling.

History of Navneet Gems & Minerals

The founder of Navneet Gems and Minerals is Mr. Suresh, who established the company in the year 1993. Mr. Suresh born as the eldest son in the family and grown with responsibilities, he started working with his father, Mr. Om Prakash Agarwal when he was just 19, working with all sorts of gemstones in his own office in India. Working under the guidance of his father, he learned a lot from seeing the rough materials, to selection, purchasing and other fundamentals which he couldn’t have learnt otherwise. In addition, back then the company used to get rough from mining companies and would produce it in Jaipur, India and export to many parts of the world, at the best growth opportunities.

Then Suresh travelled to different parts of the world, in search for better business opportunities. First, he landed in the United States (the big hub and eventual consumer market of Jewellery), then Europe, and then Japan, but he settled in Germany where business in those days was booming due to strong governance and great economy. After, a few years of excellent growth he planned to shift to Bangkok, where he could monitor his business and finally settle down somewhere close to his home country, India.

Navneet Gems & Minerals Exhibits plenty if of the Worlds’s Finest Jewellery Shows, and display it’s a large array of Colored Gemstones collection, including both Semi precious and precious gems. Both Company CEO Mr. Suresh Kumar Agarwal and company management head Mr. Navneet Agarwal are commonly taking part in every fair. Some of the Jewellery & Gemstone fairs they participate in are:

 Bangkok Gems & Jewellery Fair for " 15 consecutive years,

 Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center, Japan Jewellery Fair "4 consecutive year

 Hotel Raj Mahal Palace, JJS (Jaipur Jewellery Show) "4 consecutive years

 Hongkong International Jewellery Show for " 9 consecutive years

The company stands out from other gemstone manufacturers and suppliers due to their sophisticated process, skilled workers and outstanding finishing with the right shape and size. Opening out in the year 1992, Navneet Gems and Minerals have carried out this path to success that was sure shot as their client’s always huge trust in them. Navneet Gems and Minerals manufacture, supply, trade and sell gemstones and precious metals that are greatly in demand such as Blue Topaz Stone, Quartz Gemstone, Precious Stone and many more.

Navneet Gems and Minerals specialized in Semi precious gemstones at Wholesale, as they have stock for nearly all Colors, including Blue Topaz, Citrine (All three shades), Amethyst (Brazillian/African Amethyst), Garnet (Mozambique & Rhodolite), Aquamarine, White Topaz, All Quartz, Multi Sapphire, Zambian Emerald, Semi Precious Stones Beads, Blue Sapphire, Pink Sapphire, Black Diamonds & Silver Jewellery). In addition, the company also have Rose Cut Gemstones, Wholesale Black Diamonds, African Amethyst, Amethyst Wholesale, Wholesale tanzanite, London Blue topaz, Colored Gemstones Wholesale Gems, Wholesale gem stones, Loose Gemstone, Jewellery Stones, Wholesale Sapphire, Loose Sapphires, Precious stones, wholesale semi precious stone beads, Wholesale quartz, Buy Gemstones, Gemstones for sale, wholesale semi precious gemstone beads and many more.

Surpassing 1,000 clients is a clear indication of the Navneet Gems and Minerals popularity across the world, products quality, customer service and their commitment to creating unique gemstones and jewellery items to fulfill their clients’ needs. In addition, we believe in Consistency, Competitiveness and of course Customer service. Their quality of products speak for itself, and their staff is well trained to treat their gemstone customers, who are largely Gemstone & Cabochon resellers, distributors, Jewellery companies and even Investors who are looking to invest in gemstones to get a great amount of Return On Investment (ROI). Every gem manufactured by the company goes through a QC process, and all credit goes to their mining experts, quality check department, expert craftsmen, and of course their marketing team." Said by the Company’s CEO Mr. Suresh Kumar Agarwal.

Their clients and customers for gemstones typically are Jewellery companies and gemstone resellers that require excellent quality of wholesale semi precious stones and precious gemstones at Wholesale prices. Navneet Gems and Minerals also love serving the individual needs of their customers for gifts, collection, or even investment in gems purpose, and the customers are mostly gem resellers or distributors, who buy wholesale stones from Navneet Gems.

The company believes in making long term relationships of value and trust with its clients & customers. Navneet Gems & Minerals has a long list of pleased and happy clientele all over the world, and their gemstones and jewellery items are known for their top-notch perfection and stylishness. Additionally, it holds a team of professional and highly committed staffs who treat customers with high standards of professional manners and behavior, as a result that clients always find themselves honored and valued.

About Navneet Gems And Minerals:

The company has factories in Thailand producing precious gemstones that the Thais are manufacturing and is a Precious Gems supplier. It produces semi precious stones in its Jaipur factory, for which they have really good sources for Muslim rough suppliers and some Indian rough suppliers from the south where the mines are. The company’s wholesale semi precious stones factory has the capacity to produce more than 100,000 pcs per week.