John Rowley Presents E-factor Diet Plan for Reducing Weight without Reducing Diet

Introducing the body hacks for the fast-paced generation

Online PR News – 19-May-2015 – Texas – Houston, Texas, May 20, 2015. The famous and renowned American lifestyle strategist John Rowley has uncovered the secrets that have become essential to counter the fast-paced living standards of the masses. His E-factor diet plan has become a groundbreaking breakthrough over the online community.
The concept he delivered does not preach staying hungry or working out for long hours. He advises to use the same everyday foods, but minding the precise timing of their consumption; thus providing ample time for an ultimate digestion process. Failing to consume food at right times is the main problem with the dietary behavior of people, yet it is completely ignored by most of the other diet plans.
With a more detailed approach, the E-factor diet plan author has explained that consumption of the normal foods (that are supposed to be healthy) at the wrong time creates the bee sting effect. Owing to its great importance, this point is now regularly highlighted in the detailed interviews and the introductory presentations on his official website.
He claims that the modern diets actually miss the concept of the natural energy flow of the body and through this weight loss program, any individual can have the perfect body one desires. Explaining further, Rowley says that the commonly used household meals need to be followed on the right times that way one can consume all the favorite foods without putting pressure on the body. The concept of the bee sting effect is the consumption of food at odd times that creates the belly to swell and reduces the digestion system of the body to a halt.
John Rowley has always proved his best diet plans right and his unique yet simple dieting concepts have won great acclamation whenever he was invited at greater platforms where he had to address a huge number of people. He has always been the people’s favorite for his notion that spending hefty money on lavish diets and personal trainers can be easily avoided by using the diet hacks, like the one he introduced through the practical E- factor diet plans.
Rowley explains in his E-factor diet plan blue print books, the usage of different foods and meals on different times of the day. All his research can be found online and at the famous gyms throughout the country at very affordable prices.