Announcing the Campaign to Fund a New E-Book Dedicated to Internet Safety

Donate to fund “The Golden WordPress Security Secrets” e-book

Online PR News – 19-May-2015 – May 17 – Donate to fund “The Golden WordPress Security Secrets” e-book

Stockholm, Sweden -- May 16, 2015 -- Anthony Khamsei, founder and CEO of the International IT security consultancy firm based in Stockholm, Sweden, proudly announces the pre-order campaign for his new book, entitled “The Golden WordPress Security Secrets”.
Did you know that 70% of all websites are vulnerable to hackers? Sophisticated hackers can easily bypass a standard firewall and directly access the vital information on which your business depends. Your WordPress site in particular may be in danger of being hacked, if not today, maybe tomorrow!
Anthony and his team firmly believe in a safe and secure Internet, where entrepreneurs can build their brand, communicate with customers, and make the world a better place. The International IT security consultancy firm works to provide that peace of mind to their clients, using their years of expertise and state-of-the-art technology to make sure that hackers are beaten every time. Through their book, they will help to gain a better knowledge about security so your WordPress site will be safe, now and in the future.

They are seeking $5,000 in order to get the book printed and and ready for distribution by July of 2015. Your generous pre-order and donation will be used towards printing and shipping costs as well as marketing.

About the team:
The Gold Security team is a group of experts that have decades of experience working with government, military and corporate clients from all over the world, analyzing threats and securing vulnerable systems. Using sophisticated technology, they work with business to minimize their exposure to risk, secure their vital data, and protect their online business.

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