Afraid to have that awkward conversstion? can have that conversation for you.

Is there a love interest that you no longer have interest in? Do you need to tell someone that you have "been in the closet"?

Online PR News – 19-May-2015 – Detroit Michigan – Frequently we go through life with things we need to say - conversations we need to have and because they are "Awkward" we put them off. We have helped many people clear their conscious and the air and we have had those conversations for them. We have helped by:

- Telling a love interest that our client is no longer interested and does not want to see them again.
- We have "broken the ice" and helped initiated conversations to help some of our clients come out the ice.
- We have informed a husband that his wife is aware of his double life and is leaving him.

We have these conversations for you and will give you a recording of the conversations (if your state law will allow the recording). Contact