Firefighter Creates Hot New Brainteaser Word Puzzle

Exercising the Mind is Vital in the Battle Against Mental Decline.

Online PR News – 19-May-2015 – Adelaide South Australia – Robert Fraser, a South Australian firefighter of over 28 years service has created a brainteaser word puzzle called Duoword Puzzles that has been designed to stimulate and challenge the mind.
In times that see dementia an ever growing concern in society it is always good to see new products that are entertaining and that require cognitive processing.
It is believed that through playing games such as Duoword Puzzles that word knowledge and vocabulary can be improved with the additional benefit of the brain receiving some rigorous exercise.
The concept for the game has been derived from a board game called Duoword that was previously created by Robert Fraser in 1991.
Duoword Puzzles challenges the user to race against the 5 minute clock to try and discover the exact matching two word solution that can be formed using the 14 letters that make up each puzzle.
While the puzzles are all very solvable they are intended to be challenging so that a feeling of accomplishment is achieved with each successful completion.
Through a previous association with New Jersey based software developer, Michael Gilbert the concept went from being an idea on paper in 2013 to being released into the App Store in May 2015.
Robert Fraser said, “It was certainly an eye opening experience to see how much work has to go into preparing an app for submission”.
He continued, “The project took a lot longer than expected to prepare for submission and fortunately the hard work of the programmer and testers resulted in immediate acceptance into the App Store”.
The first release provides 200 puzzles for free to get started. Upon completion, packs of 200 puzzles can be purchased for US $0-99 or the entire first series of 1800 additional puzzles can be purchased $US3-99.
There are various helpers that are also made available to get started and additional helper packs can be purchased for US$0-99 if desired.
Duoword is a privately run business that was established in 1991. The business has two intellectual properties (IP) being Duoword and Duoword Puzzles. The business objective is aimed at licensing opportunities and further development of the IP.
DUOWORD® is a registered Trademark Classes 9 and 28 in Australia. © Copyright 1997-2015 all rights reserved
DUOWORD PUZZLES™ © Copyright 2013 Robert Fraser all rights reserved .