How the WTC Was REALLY Demolished

New book laying out REAL facts of 9/11 at WTC published

Online PR News – 19-May-2015 – Austin, TX – New Book Laying Out REAL Facts of 9/11 at WTC Published

As an experienced physicist I have just published a loaded new book, which has 45 color images & 4 tables, showing the real facts of 9/11: How the WTC Was REALLY Demolished on 9/11. It can be ordered online as a paperback, & it can be downloaded online as an Ebook. This book counters 50 erroneous government reports produced by NIST, & provides a scientifically-sound analysis of what really happened on 9/11 at the WTC. Several online reviews of books & articles published earlier stated that I effectively showed the government reports were wrong throughout. This book comprehensively reviews the facts that demonstrate this.

The book demolishes the myriad error-prone reports that the American people have been presented with on the cause of 9/11. How the WTC Was REALLY Demolished on 9/11 , which can be obtained from the Web in either of the 2 forms listed above for a low price, shows the full scientific facts & evidence of the Sept. 11, 2001 attack at the World Trade Center. Laying bare what happened in the attack for all to see, it shows what really caused the Twin Towers & other buildings to collapse, & the coverup of the facts throughout multiple government reports. Everyone in this nation should know the substantial facts and the evidence through material presented in this book. Too many of the facts remain unknown to much of the public, despite efforts to bring out the truth. This book should be distributed as widely as possible to all Americans, to counter both errors in the NIST Committee Reports & in other independent sources.

As the author, I am a physicist with over 30 years research experience since receiving my Ph.D. (in Applied Physics from Caltech, 1978), and am also a noted writer and speaker for public audiences. In addition to 3 books on 9/11 I have published online (in 2011, 2013 & now in 2015), I have presented major invited public addresses on the World Trade Center collapse in New York City (2007 & 2010), St. Louis (2008), Des Moines (2009), Austin (2010 & 2013), and Dallas (2011). I has been interviewed multiple times on INN World Report in New York City (both on TV and on radio). Previous to that I had published 4 books and over 30 articles for general audiences, and produced 2 educational public videos that have played several times on over 60 TV stations. These are all in addition to well over 100 publications I have written for scientific audiences.

Having published 13 books (8 for general audiences), I have been profiled repeatedly in Contemporary Authors and Writers Biography. I have also been profiled for over a decade in Who's Who in Science & Engineering. I was recently interviewed about this book on NoLiesRadio in Berkeley, CA, similar to the previous interview by them on my prevous book entitled Anatomy of Mass Murders in October of 2013.

Crockett Grabbe
Austin. TX

APPENDIX 1: Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Before 9/11
Chapter 2: The scene on 9/11
Chapter 3: Causes of Fire in Skyscrapers
Chapter 4: Extreme Heat & Nano-thermite on 9/11
Chapter 5: South Tower Demolition on 9/11
Chapter 6: North Tower Demolition on 9/11
Chapter 7: Building-7 Demolition on 9/11
Chapter 8: Ejections & Trash from Demolitions on 9/11
Chapter 9: 21st Century American Fraud

APPENDIX 2: Writing & speaking on 9/11

-- Invited speaker before publication at conference "How the World
Changed After 9/11" in New York City in September, 2010

-- Invited speaker on "Physics & Collapses at the WTC" at Austin
Science & Engineering Convention (Austin, TX) in October, 2010

-- Completed & posted National Swindle of the World Trade Center
online as an E-book in May 2011 (2nd edition linked below)

-- Invited interview on book on KOOP radio (Austin, TX) in July, 2011,
linked as Part 1 & Part 2

-- Invited speaker on book in Dallas, TX in November, 2011

-- Published E-book in Kindle in September, 2012

-- Invited interview on book on No-Lies Radio for
national broadcast in October, 2012, archive linked here

-- Published 2nd edition in Kindle in June, 2013 of
National Swindle of the World Trade Center

-- Invited speaker in Austin, TX in September, 2013

-- Completed & published Anatomy of Mass Murder online
in Kindle in September, 2013 (see link above)

-- Invited interview on new book on No-Lies Radio for
national broadcast in October, 2013, archive linked here

-- Completed & published How the WTC Was REALLY Demolished online in Kindle, both as a paperback for ordering & as an E-book for
download: 1st edition in November, 2014 & 2nd edition in April, 2015
(linked above).

-- Invited interview on new book on No-Lies Radio for
national broadcast in April, 2015, archive linked here.