Priority-Software’s ERP Solution Exceeds Milestone - More Than 50 Million Logins Per Year

“Priority is the ERP solution of choice in the Israeli market, and is currently
used in 40 other countries in a range of sectors..."

Online PR News – 17-May-2015 – Rosh Haayin, Israel – Priority Software reports exponential growth as a result of their ERP solution. Developers have created their software suite as a HTML5 web enabled solution. The product is available as a SaaS residing on the cloud, or as an on-premise installation. In keeping with today’s trends, it is also enabled to be fully functional from any tablet or smartphone. Priority asserts that their solution is as stable as can be as a result of almost 30-years of field experience. Priority Software ERP solutions have become quite popular as a result of their Ease of Use and extreme flexibility.

Priority‘s architecture makes the deployment process quick and simple with its scalable, multi-language, multi-currency and multi-company solution. Users have many options for customization and personalization. Compared to any equivalent ERP system, Priority users enjoy the lowest TCO. Many firms are opting to go into the cloud and take advantage of Saas, where they can reduce their IT budget and free themselves from the complex nature and expense of managing hardware and maintenance of software. With Priority SaaS, it is possible to access ERP anytime, anywhere, while being assured of the highest levels of security and performance. If a company is still growing, this is an excellent option, as it is easy to scale resources up or down based on growth or changing business needs.

A company spokesperson explained: “Whether you are new to ERP or wish to replace your existing legacy system, we can deploy Priority for you. We provide our customers professional implementation services, data migration services and training at the customers’ site. Priority‘s comprehensive set of help tools (Tool tips, FAQ’s, SOP’s, wizards and video tutorials) enable your employees to get up and running faster, minimizing downtime.” Priority Software takes the position that a world-class software product deserves exceptional support, and this is why their support team consists of highly trained experienced professionals. A client need only enter the customer zone, post a service call and get a quick response from their support professionals.

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