Infographic World Offers 50% Discount On Explainer Videos For Startups

Infographic World is bringing explainer videos to small businesses with a special 50% off rate. The videos are short, highly effective visual marketing tools.

Online PR News – 19-May-2015 – New York, NY – Small organizations can now compete with their bigger competitors in the world of video marketing. Infographic World, an infographic design agency, has announced a discounted rate on explainer videos for startups. The company is currently offering 50% off all explainer videos to startup companies. To take advantage of the offer, startups should contact Infographic World at 800-621-6210 and use the discount code I2G0W15 or use the code online here.

"We have offered explainer videos for quite some time, focusing primarily on large companies, but they work equally as well for smaller organizations. Explainer videos are particularly effective for startups that are still struggling to get the word out about their business, but tight budgets are always a problem. With this discounted rate most start-ups will be able to afford one of these videos to help explain their products and services. Our rates reflect the actual cost, which will include everything from script writing to storyboard to voiceover to animation. There are no hidden costs," explained Justin Beegel, Founder and President of Infographic World (http://

visual elevator pitch.

Explainer videos have become hugely popular as video marketing has taken off. These short, quick videos are akin to the old elevator pitch. In fact, Infographic World calls them a "visual elevator pitch." The idea behind an explainer video is to provide viewers with a quick overview of a company, product or service. They are typically 1-3 minutes in length.

"People typically don't have long attention spans, especially when researching a new product or company. Consumers probably won't read through all of your website content to learn more about you, but they will click to watch a quick video to learn more. The explainer video is a quick one-shot that gives customers an idea of what is being offered to them. They are the perfect sales tool because once it's posted, the video is available 24/7. Not only that, it can be used by non-sales staff to promote the business too," explained Beegel.

Startups who are short on personnel will be glad to hear that they don't need to have marketing or sales staff involved in creating the explainer video. Infographic World handles the entire process from start to finish. The price is all-inclusive to include:
• Script writing
• Storyboarding
• Design
• Voiceovers
• Music
• Sound Effects

"You Tube is now the second largest search engine, meaning video marketing is here to stay. The discounted rate that we are offering puts video marketing within reach of even the smallest of companies. It's a great way to test the waters and get the word out in the most popular marketing medium today, which is video," said Beegel.

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