Profiling and Discrimination by African Americans in San Francisco

Recently all hiring and promotions are in favor of blacks in Juvenile Hall within the City of San Francisco presenting disadvantages to all personnel.

Online PR News – 17-May-2015 – San Francisco – Recently all hiring and promotions are in favor of blacks in Juvenile Justice Center (“JJC”) / Juvenile Hall (“JH”) within the City & County of San Francisco (“CCSF”) presenting significant disadvantages to Caucasians, Latinos, and Asian personnel.

According to court documents, on October 10, 2008, six (6) Asian Pacific Americans (“APA”) Counselors or Juvenile Detention Officers in JJC/JH of CCSF’s Juvenile Probation Department consisting of one (1) Japanese American, one (1) Asian Indian female, one (1) Samoan American female and three (3) Chinese Americans. They filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for discrimination against CCSF and its supervisors especially African American (“AA”) for various Civil Rights violations including, but not limited to, Causes of Action for conduct constituting “Profiling” or selective and disparate treatment against APA, ignoring and tolerating AA employees systematically using “excessive force” and conduct constituting “child abuse and neglect”, promoting and giving preferential work assignments to AA employees over non-AA personnel, harassment including sexual by their AA Supervisors, fabricating and filing false charges against employees deviating from the “Code of Silence” to complain about unlawful conduct by CCSF personnel. [Source: U.S. District Court of Northern California #cv08-04702 PJH, 9th Circuit Court of Appeal #12-16349, U.S. Supreme Court #14-1231]

In CCSF-JH history, there have been almost no APA promotions into legitimate permanent supervisor positions for some sixty (60) years. As a result, Plaintiffs seek “equal treatment and opportunity of all in the workplace” especially within law enforcement. The case is appealed to the United States Supreme Court.

Currently, San Francisco’s AA population consists of 6%; CA statewide of 7%. However, in CCSF JH, the majority of the Counselors or Detention Officers and 90% of Supervisors are AA. San Francisco might be the only major US city over represented or dominated by AA in Detention or Correctional facilities positions.

Due to political sensitive issues, law firms in California reluctant to take on the cases. Plaintiffs are now asking for public support via a “Raise Any Dollar Campaign” to retain willing competent counsels, and cover costs appealing to the United States Supreme Court and provide legal assistance to related legal cases to “Stop the Discrimination by African Americans and Provide Equal Opportunity of all in Law Enforcement Jobs.”

Support the Cause by donate thru: Title: “Stop Discrimination by Blacks in CA”