Green Earth Nano Science Expands to Alberta in Canada

Green Earth Nano Science has signed a Distribution Agreement with Nano Defence Solutions Inc. from Calgary, Alberta, Canada to offer GENS NANO and SOLARSTUCCO

Online PR News – 16-May-2015 – Toronto, Ontario – Green Earth Nano Science has signed a Distribution Agreement with Nano Defence Solutions Inc. from Calgary, Alberta, a company that will bring GENS NANO and SOLARSTUCCO self-cleaning coatings, and AGRIHIT biodegradable cleaners, organic plant based disinfectants, and sanitizers into Alberta, Canada.

Green Earth Nano Science, Inc., (GENS) from Toronto, Canada is one of the first of the new class of global companies specializing in investment, commercialization, manufacturing, and distribution of new sustainable green environmental technologies. GENS have recently expanded its marketplace to Alberta, Canada through Calgary based company Nano Defence Solutions Inc. by signing a License Distribution Agreement for distribution and application of its Gens Nano & SolarStucco branded self-cleaning, anti-bacterial coatings, and AgriHit branded organic disinfectants & sanitizers, natural bio degradable cleaners, natural foliar fertilizers & plant growth & health enhancers.

Nano Defence Solutions Inc. is a growing corporation with an existing applicator and sales networks with customers in key Alberta industrial and hospitality segments. Nano Defence Solutions Inc. has strong capabilities to develop sales, distribution and application networks through their connection and relationships with many local businesses, government, health care and hospitality facilities plus building maintenance companies. The green technology products portfolio offered by Green Earth Nano Science, Inc. focuses on constant improvements through commercialization of path-breaking technologies that benefit the environment as well as people. Many industries benefit from GENS natural products and environmental solutions, including farming, food, health care, hospitality, commercial and residential industries.

Miroslaw Chrzaniecki, VP from Green Earth Nano Science, Inc. stated: “We are growing step by step with opportunity to serve and expand into Canada’s oil and gas powerhouse. Looking just at Alberta, it is one the Canada's richest provinces, home to various types of industries including big oil and gas interests, and a large agricultural and food production market, making it an ideal frontier for expansion. Local farmers as mentioned by Mr. Chrzaniecki can also take advantage of the revolutionary AgriHit Plant Growth & Health Enhancer, made from plant extracts. When applied, it helps plants and crops fight off diseases, repel small insects, and fungi attacks. Other products we are introducing in Alberta are our natural cleaners and organic sanitizers; natural self-cleaning and self-sanitizing antibacterial coatings will benefit many businesses and even home clients as well. For example E. coli, Salmonella and other potential devastating outbreaks within the food services industry can be prevented or reduced by the application of GENS NANO self-sanitizing coatings. Hotels, office building and homes can be made allergy free by treating A/C systems and regularly using food-safe, long-lasting AgriHit organic disinfectants and plant based antibacterial cleaners. There are many different benefits, that together with our exclusive license partners, we will introduce to Europe.” opines Miroslaw Chrzaniecki, VP of Green Earth Nano Science, Inc.

Mr. Bryan Burry, President of Nano Defence Solutions Inc. shares the same enthusiasm and excitement saying, “By signing a Licensing Agreement with Green Earth Nano Science Inc. we are on the forefront of a green revolution in Alberta. Our team is excited to be the first Western company that can provide a comprehensive suite of green, self-sanitizing coatings and bio-based cleaners using GENS’s famous Green 3D Shield Bio Security System. We can help our loyal clients save lives and money and protect their brands and businesses, while benefiting the environment. This has the very real possibility of reducing pathogen outbreaks in critical industries, including Healthcare and Food Processing, and that’s been our mission from the beginning. We will be implementing an aggressive marketing strategy to explore all business opportunities in Alberta.”

About Green Earth Nano Science, Inc.

As a Canada-based environmental technology company, their company slogan tackles “Green Technologies for Sustainable Future”. GENS focuses on constant improvement of product lineup under the “Green 3D Shield” umbrella, research, and expansion in international markets.

About Nano Defence Solutions Inc . Calgary Alberta Canada

Nano Defence Solutions Inc. specializes in the surface application of green, Health Canada-approved disinfectants and sanitizers over a light-activated, self-sanitizing barrier that kills pathogens, improves indoor air quality and provides residual defence against microorganism growth.

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