My Guard Pro introduces Best nonlethal weapons at affordable prices

At the press conference held at the head office recently...

Online PR News – 16-May-2015 – Jacksonville/Florida – At the press conference held at the head office recently, the Spokesperson of My Guard Pro addressed the gathering and informed that they were very delighted to announce different types of personal protection devices and Best nonlethal weapons for women. They wanted to make sure that every woman out there must be able to purchase their products easily which is why each product is offered at a reasonable price tag. The Spokesperson also added that they are worried about the growing crime rates against women each year and their founder, being a woman wanted to offer these products to help the females across the world to safeguard themselves against all kinds of crimes like rape, murder, theft, kidnapping etc. These products that they offer are tried and tested to assure the users of complete safety even when travelling all alone.

The Spokesperson further continued that they were able to earn quite a reputation within a short span of time as they had the guidance of their able Founder Anna Perkins during every stage of product development. This helped them to manufacture and offer high quality products created with premium grade materials that lasted for many years even if used against a strong opponent. They also had immense pride in stating that their name, My Guard Pro has earned a respectable fame as a best Self Defense Product Store as they were able to cater to the specific safety requirements of women, working professionals and home owners. The Spokesperson also added that they were ready to go an extra mile to do anything that can assure the safety of the users of their products.

While speaking about their online Personal Protection products the Spokesperson said that even a new user need not have any concerns regarding the reliability of their products as they make sure that every product that they have to offer such as pepper sprays, mace sprays, tasers, etc were made available for sales only after testing them under stringent conditions. Also shopping at their online store at would be a memorable experience for shoppers as they have a user friendly site. The spokesperson also concluded the press meet stating that their products would cause temporary harm or stun the opponent to help the users escape the dangerous situation easily.