A New Alternative to Luxury Branded Apparel Emerges in State of G’s Style-Centric Line

Fashion fanatics can enjoy luxury-tier apparel at affordable prices thanks to State of G’s no-bloat, product-focused business model

Online PR News – 16-May-2015 – San Francisco, CA – Luxury clothing brands produce fashionable, durable products, but they gouge fans with inflated retail prices and a trend-based product cycle. The up-and-coming clothing line State of G breaks the mold by focusing on style rather than fashion. We’ve designed two simple but sleek wardrobe essentials—The Dean, a men’s blazer, and The Audrey, a women’s cardigan—and we’re offering them at prices far below our luxury competitors.

State of G uses the same factories as luxury brands, but by trimming the unnecessary costs of brick-and-mortar retail and middle men, we are able to offer our product for a fraction of the cost. Customers can affordably boost their wardrobes with our two versatile pieces, designed with care to showcase our attention to detail and our unabashed perfectionism.

State of G is based in San Francisco, CA. With a small but diverse team, we collaborate to source and design the highest quality product for the lowest possible price.

We can be contacted by email at info@stateofg.com. Our showroom is located at 50 Post Street, Suite 45, San Francisco.