WhatsurWarning Presenting Its Collection Of Warning T-shirts

WhatsurWarning, a company based out of Colorado, is presenting its collection of Warning T-shirts. The company is owned by Clara, a 29 year old single mother

Online PR News – 16-May-2015 – Colorado Springs,CO – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

May 15, 2015: WhatsurWarning is introducing its collection of Warning T-shirts to customers. The company is offering a wide range of inspirational, crazy and funny T-shirts at reasonable prices.

WhatsurWarning offers consumers a chance to put their own twist on their ‘warning’ and so personalize their T-shirts. The company also offers other customized products. The creator and owner of WhatsurWarning, Clara, has tapped into her personal life experiences as inspiration for these Warning T-shirts. She has had several relationships with the ‘wrong’ people; according to her, if these people had come with a warning tag, she would not have wasted her time and energy on them. She decided that as people are not born with warnings tags, she would create tags of her own, hence the WhatsurWarning brand.

The WhatsurWarning collection offers a wide range of T-shirts featuring inspirational, funny and downright wicked quotes. Though WhatsurWarning T-shirts have just been launched they are attracting a lot of attention worldwide, including from fashion experts. The company offer shipping services outside the US as well.

Speaking to the media, Tracey Follows, the planning partner of the company said, “A brand must engender consumer participation to shape the fundamentals of what it is offering and to keep up with the constantly changing trends. It’s the game of relevance, and brand and consumer must be on the same side.”

While James Murdoch, the chairman and CEO of News Corporation, Europe and Asia division, further added, “The future belongs to brands that do more than pay lip-service to real dialogue and that recognize their customers want something to believe in.”

About WhatsurWarning
WhatsurWarning is a new brand based out of Colorado Springs. It is retailing its Warning T-shirts at affordable prices. The company is founded and owned by Clara,