BoostMySale is Offering Fulfillment by Amazon Integration

Sellers can now opt for the ‘fulfillment by Amazon’ service right from BoostMySale’s platform. This multichannel ecommerce platform also has a range of feature

Online PR News – 16-May-2015 – Kolkata,West Bengal – Multichannel ecommerce platform BoostMySale is offering its clients the fulfillment by Amazon integration. This means businesses that use BoostMySale’s platform can now get their products fulfilled by Amazon. What does that mean? It is one of the most advanced services created by Amazon. With this service Amazon helps thousands of sellers to avoid the hassle of shipping products to their customers. Instead Amazon takes that onus and ships it to the customer on their behalf.
This is a very helpful feature because a lot of small sellers who do not have the privilege of a warehouse can get their products fulfilled by Amazon. This will further help them to avert the hassles of packing and shipping the product. Amazon picks the product from the seller, stores it in their warehouses and when an order is generated, they pack and ship the same to the customer’s address. The seller virtually has to do nothing to process the delivery.
With BoostMySale’s integration with Amazon, availing this service and a host of other effective services is very easy. Besides getting products fulfilled by Amazon, BoostMySale can also help clients by offering an automated inventory system which will help businesses to track their stocks and scale growth easily.
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