Freddie and Sebbie Launches Diaper Changing Pad On

Freddie and Sebbie has announced the launch of their Diaper Change Mat.

Online PR News – 16-May-2015 – Richmond/VA – Freddie and Sebbie, a distinguished childcare brand on the Amazon marketplace, today announced the launch of a new Diaper Change Pad. Co-founder, Neil Speight, stated that this product has been specifically designed to allow for an easy and safe diaper change for both parent and child, adding, "We are very thrilled to reveal the up and coming launch of our newest baby care product, a luxury portable diaper changing pad, which has been especially developed to help parents in saving valuable time when the time calls for a fast diaper change, both inside and outside the home."

Freddie and Sebbie was founded in the year 2013 by brothers Martin and Neil Speight, and named after the twin children of the youngest of the two brothers. The Nevada based business offers high quality, value for money childcare accessories, exclusively through the largest online marketplace in the world, The primary business spokesman further added: "Freddie and Sebbie believe in producing products that are made to the highest standards in quality, safety and reliability, and the 1000+ customer reviews across our entire childcare range serve to prove that."

The Amazon description states that the Freddie and Sebbie Diaper Change Pad is an extra large Neoprene changing mat, which provides as extremely soft touch for both baby and parent with dimensions of 21.5" by 38". Neil also added, "The highest quality material has been used in the manufacturing of the changing pad, and this product is guaranteed to be durable and strong. The product has been specifically developed to make a child feel comfortable when a fast diaper change is carried out by mom or dad, who we will undoubtedly be thankful for this superbly priced changing pad."

"Parents can take the Freddie and Sebbie Diaper Change Pad anywhere along with them," stated Neil, adding, "It truly is a perfect solution for fulfilling the requirements of a quick diaper change while on the move. The product is so simple to clean, and is all set to be used again after a simple once over with a damp cloth. The Diaper Change Pad includes a special strip that can either be clipped onto a wrist or a stroller, and includes integrated pockets for storing essential products like milk bottles, toys or a stock of baby diapers."

The Nevada based business has also included a free lifetime replacement guarantee for their customers exclusively on Amazon, free with the purchase of their products.

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